September Weigh In

Saturday Weigh In

I weighed today for my official September weigh in.  I was at 147.2 pounds, down .8 pounds.


That put me well within free lifetime so I was happy with that.  I had a really great week, both from food and activity and I was happy about that.  Given the stress of the week (hurricane – no water in our house, but constant rain and my routine was disrupted), I was really happy that I stuck with it.  There were a few moments this week when I was tempted to not walk on treadmill or to eat more than I plan, but I mostly withstood those temptations.

All of that said, I was a little irritated by the weigh in.  Last week, I weighed 148 on my home scale (with only underwear on) and weighed 148 at Weight Watchers.  This week, I weighed 146.8 on my home scale and was expecting to weigh either 146.8 or 147 at Weight Watchers.  I wore the same clothes as last week except I had on my wedding ring and different (light) earrings.  Those things don’t weigh .4 pounds!  I didn’t eat or drink anything before going to Weight Watchers either.

A New Scale

All of which makes me glad that I pre-ordered the new Fitbit Aria 2 scale this week.  I have definitely had a love/hate relationship with my Withings scale.  Actually, more hate than love.  I’ve had a Withings scale since late 2011.  The original scale that I had used WiFi and often seemed to lose the connection.  After about 2 1/2 years, it got to be a little flaky and inconsistent.  Until then it seemed consistent.  If I put on the clothes I was going to wear to Weight Watchers and weighed myself, I would almost always weigh that or very close to it at the meeting.

Then Withings came out with a new scale that had Bluetooth with WiFi.  I got the new scale about 3 1/2 years ago.  I immediately noticed it weighed me a pound heavier than the old scale.  Same thing for my husband. After some back and forth, Withings replaced the scale.  But, I’ve continued to have this problem.  I know it is the scale because I’ve weighed myself on the scale and gone elsewhere wearing the same clothes and get a different weight.  Typically, weighed at home with no clothes is about what I weigh at Weight Watchers with light clothes.

The best example was when I had my tummy tuck.  I weighed right before leaving the house, wearing only underwear.  I didn’t eat or drink anything (since I was about to have surgery).  At the hospital, I weighed a pound less than I had weighed at home.

Anyway, I am hoping the new Fitbit Aria 2 will be more accurate.  The Withings I have does have a better WiFi connection than the old Withings.  I rarely use the Bluetooth since it is very, very slow to connect on Bluetooth.  But, Bluetooth is a nice option.

Oh, yes, the Withings is very inaccurate on body fat.  When it was telling me my body fat was about 37%, Bod Pod testing said I was at 45%.  So, really inaccurate.  That said, I don’t expect biolectrical impedance numbers from a scale to be all that accurate although this was really off.  I mostly use it to get an overall idea of whether I am improving or not.  I don’t really expect the Aria 2 to do much better.

I’ve been hoping Fitbit would update the Aria to have Bluetooth and now they have.  I hope the scale will be more accurate than the Withings and that the Bluetooth will work better.

The final thing irritating me about the Withings was the recent change in the online dashboard and the mobile app.  Suffice it to say, that looking pretty has seemed to result in less functionality than the older dashboard and app.

There is only one thing I don’t like about the Fitbit Aria 2.  If I link the scale to my Fitbit account, it will automatically import my weight data into my Fitbit account.  In some ways, of course, that is good.  In fact, with my current scale I set it up to automatically import into the Fitbit account.  I liked that.  The problem is on the Weight Watchers end.  On the Weight Watchers website, I prefer that the only weights that are shown are my official meeting weigh ins.

I have my Fitbit syncing with my Weight Watchers account so it can sync activity and I can earn FitPoints.  However, when I started syncing my daily Withings weigh ins to Fitbit those weigh ins were imported as weigh ins on the Weight Watchers page.  This bothered me since the two weigh ins aren’t directly comparable.  That is, the at home weigh ins are me with only underwear on.  The Weight Watchers weigh ins include clothes.  I don’t like mixing the two.  The only solution I have found is to either manually delete each entry or to not sync any weights with Fitbit.  Getting the Aria 2, though I will want it to sync with the Fitbit.  I guess I will just have to be annoyed with the Weight Watchers weigh ins.


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