Why I Sometimes Eat Less Than 30 SmartPoints

Today is a good example of why I sometimes eat less than 30 SmartPoints.  There are days that I have no difficulty eating 30 SmartPoints.  In fact, I often exceed 30 SmartPoints by a lot.  Yesterday, I used a boatload of SmartPoints.  But, today?  I’ve struggled to get to 28 SmartPoints.


So, let’s look at this. I slept late and didn’t have breakfast as we were going out to lunch. I just went straight to lunch. We had lunch at Genghis Grill. Honestly, I could eat at Genghis Grill everyday without breaking 500 calories. This meal was 9 SmartPoints (just over 400 calories).

If you aren’t familiar with Genghis Grill, you go through a line and pick out your uncooked proteins and veggies and ladle out your chosen sauce. Then you pick a starch and the whole thing is stir-fried.
This time I had chicken and shrimp for my protein. I had a good selection of veggies piled high. You buy a bowl and can have as much as you can fit in the bowl. I chose the Thai Peanut Sauce which is one of the higher calorie sauces. My starch was brown rice. It was a very filling and satisfying lunch.

In the afternoon, I had an ounce and a half of Antep pistachios. This was 8 SmartPoints. Later on, I had a Weight Watchers Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar (2 SmartPoints).

I had a late dinner because I walked on the treadmill first. I made a salad. The parts of the salad with points are shown in the pictures and total 6 SmartPoints. In addition, I had 3 cups of greens, 1 1 1/2 ounces of carrots, 9 cherry tomatoes and half a bell pepper. All of that was zero point.

The final snack is Kay’s Natural Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks. That is 3 SmartPoints. And, actually, it is 10:45 as I write this and I haven’t eaten that snack yet and I am not at all hungry. Without that I would be at 28 SmartPoints for the day.

I am not starving myself. I had plenty of veggies. I will have 85 grams of protein – getting a minimum of 80 grams a day is a personal goal of mine. I assume I will get hungry before I go to bed so I  will have the protein snack.  If I wanted a little more, I would probably have half a cup of blackberries which would be zero point.

I didn’t eat a lot of saturated fat or sugar today and I had a fair amount of protein.  And, the veggies were zero point.  For these reasons, I didn’t hit 30 SmartPoints even though I feel like I was eating the entire day and am not at all hungry.

I am posting this because I sometimes have people asking me how it is possible to not hit 30 SmartPoints.  And, no, it isn’t because I didn’t have breakfast.  If I had had breakfast today – knowing I was going out to lunch soon – I would probably have had the pretzel sticks then instead of as a snack.


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