Saturday Weigh In 9-16-2017

Go figure.  I weighed in today at 146.6 pounds, down .6 pounds since my last weigh in two weeks ago.

In a way, it wasn’t surprising. According to my Fitbit calorie burn info and my food info from MyFitnessPal I should have lost 1.75 pounds.  I think that part of the reason I haven’t is because I started strength training again and, typically, during the early days I will retain some fluids until my body gets used to the workout.  I actually expect to soon have more of a loss show up.  In fact, this loss really only showed up the past few days.  During most of the past 2 weeks, I’ve been up in weight from my last weigh in even though I knew it wasn’t real weight.

And, here’s the thing.  While I weighed in .6 pounds less at Weight Watchers today than I did 2 weeks ago, the number on my scale had barely budged.  That is, 2 weeks ago I weighed 146.8 pounds at home and then weighed in at 147.2.  That was a little irritating to me since the average difference between what I weigh at home (no clothes) and what I weigh at Weight Watchers (light tank top and shorts) is about .2 pounds.  Occasionally, it is the same at both or Weight Watchers is .4 more.  And, September 2nd was one of those occasions.

And…that brings me to today.  At home, I weighed 146.7 pounds.  That is only .1 less than I weighed at home 2 Saturdays ago despite the two good weeks I had for both eating and activity.  That said, I was OK with it since I feel my weight is being temporarily affected by the weight lifting.

I decided to weigh in at Weight Watchers today even though I didn’t have to as a lifetime member.  I decided to weigh for two, no three, reasons.  First, I think weighing officially once a month is not ideal for me.  I do better weighing more frequently.  Ideally, I would probably weigh every week at Weight Watchers.  From a practical standpoint, I don’t really want to do it.  Basically, when I am going to weigh, I don’t eat or drink anything until I get there.  I wear the same clothes every week (tank top and shorts) and then change clothes after I weigh. On weeks that I don’t weigh, I can drink something on the way there and can wear whatever I want.  The best compromise is to weigh a lot of the time when I go, but not all the time.

You might think I would be most likely to need to weigh when my weight is up.  In reality — assuming I have already done my monthly weigh in — I find it is more important for me to weigh in when I am doing well.  If I am doing well and don’t weigh in, I often get complacent and tend to eat more freely until my next weigh in.  On the other hand, if I weigh in and essentially “lock in” a loss, I don’t want to go up at my next weigh in and keeping that loss acts as motivation.

The final reason to weigh in was to see what would be on the Weight Watchers scale when I was close to the same weight at home as I had been two weeks ago.  Had I weighed in today and it said that was 147, I wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow.  Going down .1 at home and .2 at Weight Watchers makes sense (especially since my Weight Watchers location weighs only in .2 pound increments).  But, today, I weighed in at 144.6 which is .1 less than I weighed at home.  And, remember, at home I weighed with no clothes while I had clothes at Weight Watchers.

This raises the possibility that one weigh in was inaccurate.  I wore the same clothes each time.  The only difference was this time I took off my wedding ring and very light earrings.  I thought those could possibly make a .1 pound difference.  They wouldn’t make a .6 pound difference.  I really doubt the Weight Watchers scales are wrong.  I think that part of this is the inconsistency of my home scale.  I’ve known that it weighs “heavy” in that I have weighed at home and then weighed at a hospital shortly after and I weighed a pound less at the hospital.  But, lately, I’ve felt my scale was inconsistent.  My guess is that the weight on September 2nd was a little lighter than the scale usually measures.  Of course, I don’t know for sure.  This is one reason I’ll be glad when the new Fitbit Aria 2 scale is released since I have pre-ordered it.  I hope it will weigh me more consistently.

Anyway – I’m glad to be under 147 pounds at weigh in.  My next mental goal is to get to my official goal weight of 146 or below.  I had a really good week and feel good that I am back at exercise.  I actually took 2 days off this week.  I hadn’t planned the second one but I got woke up early by a phone call and was just dragging the rest of the day.  This was my 7th week in a row with a calorie deficit.

Also, I finally think my post-liposuction swelling is mostly gone.  I didn’t wear a compression garment at all this week.  I did have a little swelling by the evening but mornings started out fine.  And, the swelling that I did have was much less than it had been a few weeks ago.  My surgeon said I could expect swelling for 3 to 4 months after surgery.  Next Friday will be 4 months.  I am glad that there isn’t much swelling because it really does mess with the head even when you know it is there.

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to continue working on calorie burn and to exercise while continuing to eat well.  I find it hard to get in enough protein so I ordered a premade protein shake from Amazon.  I’ll report on that after I get it.  While I am not severely lactose intolerant, I do have some mild intolerance and don’t drink milk since it tends to make me feel bad.  Supposedly this protein shake is not bad and is easier for some people to tolerate.  We’ll see.


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