October Weigh In

My usual weigh in day is Saturday.  But, I will be gone this next Saturday and the Saturday after that is the day after my husband’s birthday.  I didn’t think I particularly wanted to have to weigh in that day and didn’t want to have wait until the next Saturday to weigh in since that is so far down in the month.

The new week started on Sunday as did the new month.  So, even though we had gone to a meeting on Saturday, we went back Sunday morning just to do the October weigh in.

It was OK …but I was a little ticked off.  Saturday morning I had weighed at home but not at the meeting.  At home I was at 146.2 pounds which was my lowest weight since my surgery in May.  It is actually my lowest at home weight since sometime in February.

After the meeting, we did go out to eat (Ancho Salmon at Chili’s with asparagus and broccoli).  I had a good day eating in terms of points and calories but there is always sodium when you eat out so I expected to be up a bit on Sunday.  I was actually pleased on Sunday morning that I was only up .2 pounds on the scale and was at 146.4 pounds.  Fine.

But, when I went to weigh in I weighed in at 146.8 pounds.  Now, in isolation that is fine.  At home, I weigh without clothes.  An hour later, at Weight Watchers, I was there wearing a tank top and shorts.  The clothes actually add about a pound of weight (my home scale weighs me a little too heavy as compared to other scales).  Anyway, the 146.8 pounds wasn’t the issue.

What ticked me off was my comparison to my last Weight Watchers weigh in.  At my last weigh in, I weighed 146.6 pounds at home and weighed in at Weight Watchers at 146.6 pounds.  I wore then the same clothes I wore this Saturday.  There was no difference.  I even took off my wedding ring both times.

But, this time I was actually down (at home) .2 pounds from when I last weighed at Weight Watchers, but at Weight Watchers I was up .2 from when I last weighed in.  For what it is worth, I think the problem here is with my somewhat inconsistent scales (hence, why I have a Fitbit Aria 2 on preorder).

Still…it is annoying to see a gain at Weight Watchers (and put it on my weigh in page here) when I don’t think I really had a gain.

I know, I know.  It is not really worth it to stress about something so trivial.  The big picture is way more important.


  1. says

    I would be thrilled to weigh the same at WW as at Home, lol! But then again, I wear my shoes when I weigh in at WW. :p

    From a big picture standpoint, you are doing great!!

  2. Sheryljoyce says

    Kitty, I have been away from Weight Watchers for about a year, and am now returning, although I am returning to Pointsplus (not Smartpoints), and not going to WW meetings (I have a nice weight loss group that meets weekly for free in my retirement community). I am so glad your blog is still here! I got such great tips from your blog, like info on reverse tracking and a manual way to count Smartpoints, back when I was doing that. I just feel Pointsplus is a more accurate portrayal of calories, and I can figure them in my head! Anyway, good for you in your weight loss success and keeping up this blog. Best Weight Watchers blog I ever came across!

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