Juggling Stuff and Checking In

Ok, wow.  So almost 2 weeks since I posted.  In a sense there hasn’t been much going on in regard to weight loss so there wasn’t much to post.  And, there was just a lot of stuff to juggle non-weight loss so I didn’t realize how much time had passed since I last posted.

The last couple of weeks have been a holding action in terms of weight loss.  Weekend before last, I drove back to my hometown and went to my 45th high school reunion.  It was the first one I’ve attended since graduating.  I must admit that it was easier for me to go to this one since I knew that my weight was basically fine (although I still want to lose a few pounds) and I felt happy with how I looked.

It’s funny but in the mind’s eye I still saw people as they were when we were 18 and so I was a little nervous about showing up with the current me.  I mean sort of absurd since I am in a Facebook group for our class and I’ve seen more current pictures.  But, still those pictures in my head were there.  Of course, as soon as I got there I truly did accept that everyone had aged just as I had aged.  And, really, once I was there I wasn’t concerned about my appearance or anyone else’s appearance.  It was a lot of fun to see people.  I also had an opportunity to reconnect with my dearest friend from way back when and that was very special.

Foodwise, I did OK during that trip.  I had to eat out some but planned for it.  I was planning to come back home and really exercise this past week.  But, I came home and had a scratchy throat and generally not feeling good for the whole week.  I kept thinking I was about to get a sore throat and feel awful.  That never happened, perhaps because I took it easy for the whole week in terms of activity.  But, that kept my calorie burn down.

And, then…my husband’s birthday.  Due to schedule conflicts with our kids, we have had 2 birthday celebrations and are going to have another one on Tuesday.  We went out alone to Fogo de Chao on his actual birthday.

That was what I had from their market table.  Then, they bring around a lot of different meats and you take what you want.  I mostly took a small piece of several things, mostly chicken and a little pork.  It was incredibly good.  We elected not to have dessert.

On Sunday, we went out for the second celebration with our son.  We ate at Red Robin and I skipped getting a chicken sandwich to just get the Ensanada Chicken which is a chicken breast with some added flavors and a side salad.  Having done that, I felt I could afford to eat part of this dessert:

It was incredibly yummy but was shared among 3 people.

We have one more lunch out, but that is planned for a restaurant where I can eat very lightly.  So, I think I did reasonably well, but haven’t lost any weight over the last 10 days.

I did finally get back to a little exercise.  The weather is finally cool enough here that we can walk outside so we took a walk in the neighborhood.  I like walking here because it is a little hilly so we get a better workout.  And, we plan to go back to the Y on Tuesday.


  1. Sheryljoyce says

    What gorgeous looking food! Well worth eating it!

    Kitty, I have a request. When Smartpoints came out you posted an easy to use Smartpoints estimator. Although I’m currently doing Pointsplus, a friend of mine has used your estimator SOLELY (no website, no apps) on her Weight Watchers journey and has lost so well, it’s almost tempting me back to Smartpoints! But we know WW is redoing their program for 2018. Many feel the calculations formula will change; we don’t know how big or how small, but when it changes, we ask that you please post an estimator like you did with Smartpoints. You are extremely knowledgeable in math, more so than many of us, and it was greatly appreciated by my friend. Many of us just like the independence of figuring things ourselves, WW members or not! Thanks Kitty.

    • says

      I will do my best! Knowing how to estimate points really helps when I just need to get a ballpark and don’t want to actually go and calculate it. I think there are going to be a bit more changes than people expect for what it is worth. Still Smartpoints but some other things changing. Can’t wait to find out….

      • Sheryljoyce says

        Thank you so much Kitty. My friend has convinced me to switch over to Smartpoints. The main reason being my cholesterol is off the wall and my doc wants me to reduce saturated fats. Plus, I have to admit, Pointsplus is letting me eat too much sugar! Kitty, there is a lot of talk about the new plan. Some say minor changes, some say much more than that. Either way, I look back over my Weight Watchers history over the years, and I can see how I’m not very good with change. I believe WW knows more than I do! So whatever the change, this time I’m going with it. Thank you for being willing to take on the new calculation challange for the new year! We really appreciate it. Sincerely, Sheryljoyce

  2. Cindy R says

    I actually like the Smartpoints plan and it’s working for me. I hope WW doesn’t reinvent the “wheel” yet again!

    • says

      I expect changes but not a wholesale change of program. They usually do that about every 5 years. But, a couple of years in is the time we often see a few changes.

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