Fit3D Scan for October


Last month I posted about my Fit3D scan. It is a month later so I went and was scanned again.  I can do this monthly as part of my plan at Dexafit.  I wasn’t really expecting much difference.  I was down about 2 and a half pounds from last time.  That is on my scale at home.  At Dexafit, I actually weighed over 3 pounds less today that I weighed there last time because last time I had a soft drink (cherry coke zero) on the way over there and today I didn’t. So, some of that I didn’t feel was real loss.  I also felt I had a little water retention when I did this before.

I have been exercising since then and really working on the strength training.  Still, I didn’t really expect to see much change in measurements.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

To do the Fit3D scan, you basically get down to your underwear, then stand on this pedestal that spins you around for 40 seconds taking tons of measurements.  From that, a 3D avatar is created.  This is the one from today:

I hadn’t really seen much difference in my body over the last 3 months but when I saw the detailed comparison I could see some differences. Here are the comparison images:

I can see a little difference in the side images.  As you can see from the measurements on the above page, I lost 1.1 inches in my waist and .5 inches in my hips.  The bust is up .7 which I don’t really understand.  I do think that overall it is more important to look at trend over time.  You are supposed to stay absolutely still during the scan.  That is harder than it sounds.  So, I think a stray move can perhaps throw off a measurement.  Still I downloaded the actually measurement spreadsheet and most of the measurements were down from last month.

This is another set of measurements:

This compares my arms.  The left biceps was down half an inch while the right was up slightly.  I am somewhat bemused by the 2.4 inch gain in the left forearm.  I feel fairly confident I must have moved the arm in some way that threw off that measurement.

This is the set for the legs:

I was really happy with all of these measurements, especially the thighs.  The last set is what is called the additional torso:

What Fit3D calls the waist is really the measurement near the belly button.  I tend to think of the waist as more the natural waist.  Regardless, I was very happy to see the decreases in my waist and my hips.  What is called Max Waist here is actually mislabeled.  I was surprised to see over 40 inches for a waist measurement.  I checked the spreadsheet and what is labeled Max Waist above is actually the Max Hips measurement.  As to where that is measured as compared to the Hips — I don’t know.  When I measure my hips at the widest point I get something close to their Hips measurement.

Anyway, I was happy with my progress and was glad to do the scan to see how I am doing.  It wouldn’t surprise me though to see upward fluctuation in some of these as small changes are made.  I will mostly be looking at the overall trend over several months rather than what happens on an individual months.  Still, this went well and seeing this is very motivating to me.

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