November Fit3D Scan

I just had my November Fit3D scan a couple of days ago.  I posted about my in initial Fit3D scan in September.  Then, I updated the scan in October. I can get a scan monthly as part of my plan at Dexafit.  I wasn’t sure if I would have much difference.  Up until about a week before the scan I wasn’t really down very much from last month.  But, the last week or so, my weight has really dropped (I think due to my trying to follow the new Weight Watchers plan that was unveiled in the UK). At Dexafit, I weighed 2 pounds less when I was scanned there in October.

I was a little concerned I wouldn’t have much change in measurements because I hadn’t exercised much the last couple of weeks mostly due to having a houseguest due to Thanksgiving.  I have done some walking, but had missed about a week and a half of strength training. So, even though I was done 2 pounds I wasn’t sure if I would have much difference in measurements.  As it turns out, I was happy with my November results.

To do the Fit3D scan, you basically get down to your underwear, then stand on this pedestal that spins you around for 40 seconds taking tons of measurements.  From that, a 3D avatar is created.  This is the one from this past Wednesday:

I hadn’t really seen a lot of difference but here is the comparison for November to September:


Overall, I can see progress.

I can see a little difference in the side images.  As you can see from the measurements on the above page, I lost 1.4 inches in my waist and .9 inches in my hips.  The bust is down .4 after it had been up .7 pounds last month which I didn’t really understand.  I do think that overall it is more important to look at trend over time.  You are supposed to stay absolutely still during the scan.  That is harder than it sounds.  So, I think a stray move can perhaps throw off a measurement.  For example, last month my forearm on one side was way up but it came down this month.  I think I must have moved them. As before, I downloaded the actual measurement spreadsheet and most of the measurements were down from last month.  I was particularly happy that my natural waist is down 1.2 inches since late September.

This is another set of measurements that compares November to October:


While there weren’t big changes from October to November, they mostly went in the right direction.

Anyway, I was happy with my progress and was glad to do the scan to see how I am doing.  I didn’t expect much change this month and was a bit surprised, but happy, to see things moving in a positive direction.


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