Size 8!

I am finally, finally back to a single digit size.  I say back to it.  But, the last time I was there was about 25 years ago.  This actually sort of snuck up on me.

Pre-tummy tuck, after I got to my goal weight of 146 pounds, I was mostly a size 12.  It was frustrating to me as I saw others of similar weight were often wearing much smaller sizes.  But, I had all that loose skin plus high body fat.  So, there it was.

Post-tummy tuck I was a solid size 10.  That was great.  I bought new size 10 jeans.  Several months ago I also bought a “nice” pantsuit to wear when I can’t wear the jeans and workout clothes I wear almost all the time.  It was size 10 and I figured I would be wearing it for awhile.  I didn’t really expect to get to a size 8 until I lost another 10 pounds or so.

Then, in May I had some touch ups to my cosmetic surgery including a small amount of upper abdomen liposuction.  It wasn’t much.  A little over a pound was removed.  It was for upper abdomen counter not to change my weight.

Well, the other day I needed to wear that pantsuit again.  And…it was loose.  It was really loose.  Right now I actually weigh about 4 pounds more than I weighed post-tummy tuck.  And, at that time I was a solid size 10.  But, now – 4 pounds heavier – I am a size 8 in pants.  Go figure.

I went shopping today and tried on pants in several brands and it was official.  I am a size 8.  Yay!



  1. Cindy R says

    Amazing how a size change can leave us feeling so much better about ourselves! You don’t realize either how much better you actually look when you are wearing the right size. I recently bought a pair of denim “jegging” jeans at Talbots. I wasn’t sure if they’d fit or be really tight as leggings can be, but I was surprised at how much I like them. They have a slightly higher waist which I really, really like and the overall fit is terrific.

  2. Bms says

    Hi! It’s a great feeling to get into smaller clothes, isn’t it? I joined ww in the uk this time last year and read your entire blog in the week before I could get to a meeting. I love your analytical approach which for me is missing from meetings and Connect. I much preferred the forums from back in the olden days. Anyway, you have been an inspiration for me this year and I’ve lost 49lbs so far with 28lbs to go. Thank you!


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