2017 in Review

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope we all have a wonderful year. Hmm…I need a pic for this so I’ll just do a cat under the tree pic.  Herewith, Nina!

And, as usual, it is time to look back on the last year and see how things have gone in terms of weight loss and maintenance.  On balance, I am overall happy with the last year although I took a bit of a detour in the mid year.

The good news is that I am still at my Weight Watchers goal weight.  I haven’t, of course, weighed in for January yet.  My January weigh in at Weight Watchers in 2017 was at 144.2 pounds.  My December weigh in for 2017 was at 144 pounds.  So, basically no change.  I do expect my January weigh in this month to be up a bit.  We are going out of town for several days next weekend and will be eating out the entire time.  I expect to weigh after we get back but I don’t imagine I will be at 144 pounds.  I think that is temporary so not worried about it.

Anyway – I like to look back at what my plans were for the year.  And, my goals were…to not do annual goals.  Back last January, I did monthly goals.  The two goals I had for January were to cook more food at home (including freezer meals for future use) and to rejoin YMCA and start strength training again. [Read more…]