2017 in Review

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope we all have a wonderful year. Hmm…I need a pic for this so I’ll just do a cat under the tree pic.  Herewith, Nina!

And, as usual, it is time to look back on the last year and see how things have gone in terms of weight loss and maintenance.  On balance, I am overall happy with the last year although I took a bit of a detour in the mid year.

The good news is that I am still at my Weight Watchers goal weight.  I haven’t, of course, weighed in for January yet.  My January weigh in at Weight Watchers in 2017 was at 144.2 pounds.  My December weigh in for 2017 was at 144 pounds.  So, basically no change.  I do expect my January weigh in this month to be up a bit.  We are going out of town for several days next weekend and will be eating out the entire time.  I expect to weigh after we get back but I don’t imagine I will be at 144 pounds.  I think that is temporary so not worried about it.

Anyway – I like to look back at what my plans were for the year.  And, my goals were…to not do annual goals.  Back last January, I did monthly goals.  The two goals I had for January were to cook more food at home (including freezer meals for future use) and to rejoin YMCA and start strength training again.

Ultimately, I did end up doing those…but it wasn’t all during January. By July, I gave myself a C on the food part and an F on the exercise part.  I had done some cooking at home, but not what I had planned.  I had rejoined the Y….but hadn’t actually gone there.  And, my weight reflected where I was then.  I was above my goal enough that I had to pay weighing in at 150.6 for July.

That finally got my attention.  And I spent most of the rest of 2017 getting back to where I had been at the start of the year.  I lost 6.2 pounds between my July and December weigh ins.  And, in July, I actually started going to Y and doing strength training.  And I was far more consistent using the treadmill and exercise bike at home.  And, when the whether got cooler in October, I was able to start walking outside more.  And, we cut down a bit on eating out and were more careful when we did eat out.  And, I started cooking more food at home.

In September, I started going to Dexafit and got my body fat checked and have been doing a monthly Fit3D scan each month (except December when I couldn’t fit in due to their schedule and mine not matching).

The thing I am most happy about 2017 was that I really did learn that if I go off track I can get back on track.  Also, the weight training has I think helped with my body shape.  That is, I now fit into a Size 8 when before at this weight I was size 10.  I had some minor plastic surgery revisions in May including small amount of upper abdomen liposuction (only about a pound of fat was removed — this was for body countouring, not weight loss).  I think the combination of that and the weight training resulted in me going from a size 10 to a size 8.

The only thing I am not happy about is how I did this holiday season.  I love the new program and overall it works better for me.  When I follow it.  We had house guests at Thanksgiving and Christmas and just had a ton of stuff to do.  So, yes, I let food kind of go by the wayside.  And, even worse, I didn’t go to the Y for the last 3 weeks.  So, I’m up a couple of pounds.  Most of it isn’t “real” in that I think there is a lot of fluid retention there.  But, I probably am legit up a pound or so.  And we have this trip out of town for several days.  My goal for this week is to stay within my points (including Weekly and Fit Points) and to go the Y twice this week before we go out of town.

Still — when I look back at 2017 I have to remember that for anyone who has lost significant weight, it is always a triumph to maintain weight loss.  The vast majority of people who lose weight regain.  For another year, I am not one of them.  I have regained in the past so I know how that happens.  But, I am very happy that for this past year I didn’t regain.



  1. Claudia says

    Happy new year! Thanks for always being real about the struggle. I lost 61.4 lbs, but regained all but 22 back, so my goal for 2018 is to get rid of that 39.6 permanently. I am going to build back those good habits I built up, but abandoned due to stress.

    • says

      Stress is a big thing that will cause me to regain. Judith Beck’s book Diet Trap Solution has a section on stress eating that I found helpful.

      • Claudia says

        Thanks, I’ll check that out. Am also rejoining WW next week.,because trying to do this on my own is needlessly hard!

    • says

      Thank you. It is sometimes hard to remember to be glad that I just stayed the same when it is so, so, so easy to regain (and it seems to happen in a flash).

      • Claudia says

        You’re not kidding! It comes off so slowly, yet piles back on so fast. The hardest part for me is finally accepting I will always have to be hyper-vigilant, because the minute I become complacent, I gain. Psychologically, it helps that I at least kept off 22 lbs so I’m not completely back to square one but it’s still going to be hard going back significantly heavier than when I dropped out 🙁

  2. says

    Great year! Good job! I’m impressed, and inspired by your continued success. Thank you for sharing it, and the parts that feel more like struggles. Happy New Year!

  3. Sheryl says

    Happy New Year! Congrats on your goal weight. I’m loving Freestyle too. For me, it’s the best plan ever. Because I love all the zero foods and because I’m a volume eater, I choose to stay at the lowest end of dailies and weeklies which is 23 dailies and 14 weeklies. Because I love and eat many zero foods on a daily basis anyway, there is no deprivation for me and I focus on many zeroes and save my weeklies for eating out, etc. That may not work for everyone, but I’m losing 1-2 pounds a week, and we all have to find our own best way with this plan. Here’s to 2018!

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