January Weigh In

Well, the fact I am doing my January on the last Saturday of the month is probably a sign that this wasn’t exactly a good month.  I weighed in at 147.8 pounds, which is up 3.8 pounds from December.  The bad news, of course, is that I am up 3.8 pounds.  In December I weighed the first Saturday of my month and my lowest weight since last February.  I ate well for about a week after that, then thinks started sliding downhill mostly related to holiday eating.  Yeah, not good.

But, honestly, the first two weeks of January were worse than December.  We went out of town for several days as a sort of mini-vacation and visits with various people.  We were eating out for all of our meals.  Normally, if we go on vacation we are doing a lot of sightseeing so I walk a lot and up burning a lot of calories so that balances off the extra calories.  But, this trip was different.   We weren’t sightseeing and doing active things.  We were mostly with people or driving around.  So, not much calorie burn.

I started out the trip OKish in terms of eating.  A little off track but not awful.  But, as I realized how inactive I was being I just went completely off track.  No excuses.  Just made bad choices.  We got back from the trip mid-week, but I just kept making bad eating choices for several more days.  That second week in January I averaged over 3100 calories a day, while I usually eat closer to 1200!

And, even after getting back we were inactive.  We had very cold weather here and a little ice (this is Texas — we aren’t used to all that) so we didn’t want to go out.  Then I was sick a few days.  Not serious, but I didn’t feel like exercising.  Then same for my husband.  So, I was totally off my routine and I don’t do well when I was off my routine.  That said, the last couple of weeks have been pretty good in terms of eating.

So…the good news.

I was up 3.8 pounds today from where I was the day I weighed in during December.  But, 13 days ago, I was up 8.1 pounds.  So, since then I’ve lost 4.3 pounds (mostly water weight I’m sure).  I think a lot of what is left is actual weight gain so it may take a couple of months to come on.  I was just glad to not be more than 2 pounds above goal so I was able to maintain my free status.

The important thing for me know is to get back into the routine and to focus on what I am eating and get more active now that the weather is better.


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