February 2018 Weigh In

I weighed in for February at 146.8 pounds, down 1 pound. I was particularly happy about this because it was only 1 week after my January weigh in which was a 3.8 pound gain.  As I posted in a separate post, regain happens.  It happens for a lot of reasons, but is a normal part of the weight loss and maintenance process.  I am not happy I regained, but I am glad that I was able to see what was happening and start reversing the process.

It always helps me to have short term goals.  My current short term goal is to get back to the 144 that I weighed in at in December.  I had a very good week last week and if I continue along that line I know I can get back there.  Unfortunately, it usually takes longer to loss weight than it did to put it on.  But, I can’t focus on that.  I will simply focus on doing the things that I know will be successful for me because they have succeeded in the past.