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My name is Kitty and this blog is about my weight loss and self-improvement adventure. I am a regained lifetime member of Weight Watchers who started this blog determined to get to my goal weight. I finally got back to my goal weight in July, 2015.

I live with my husband and one of our three kids (one is away at college and the third is grown and out on his own), and assorted pets. My husband attends Weight Watchers with me and reached his goal weight and got to lifetime in mid-2014.

But, this blog is not only about weight loss. A leader at the meeting I used to attend often says at the end of meetings, “Be blessed. Be empowered. And, we’ll see less of each other next week.” And, that is what gave me the idea for the name of this website. At first I thought of calling it “Less of Me.” However, I realized that I didn’t just want there to be less of me. I wanted it to be less of a better me. I want to improve myself while I’m losing weight. I want to eat healthier now. I want to increase my physical activity now. I want to focus on becoming a better me, just less of a better me.

Here is the link to the four parts of my weight history story:

I Wasn’t Really Fat

Up and Down and Up

I Get Thin (For Awhile)

Marriage and Motherhood

For the short version….I became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers a long, long time ago.  Then, I got married.  And, between trying to eat as much as my husband and pregnancy, I regained and weighed more than I started at.  My high weight was 207.4 pounds.  I went back to Weight Watchers off and on and didn’t get anywhere.  Finally, I did and lost down to 160 (end of 2011).  Then, we moved and things were hectic and I regained about 37 pounds.  But, I got back on track and got to my goal weight of 146 pounds in July, 2015.  While glad to be at a normal BMI, my body fat is still high so I am working on reducing body fat.  I am doing that partly through what I eat (still trying to lose fat) and partly through working on building more muscle through strength training.  And, I’m overall working on eating healthier foods.

You can contact me at my email: kitty (at) lessofabetterme (dot) com.


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    I answer all comments at my blog but when I tried to publish your comment so that I could answer it, it disappeared. I understand perfectly the stress that a contest can bring – stress we don’t need so I am glad that you understand yourself and do what is best for your success. After many years, I have finally come to the place where each day is the same whether I am weighing or not. I, too, have been thrown off track from pressure that a contest brings and I guess it comes from so many past failures and the insecurities that they cause. This is a battle I understand perfectly. I have weighed 250 lb. before and this is the third time I have lost my weight. I am determined that it will be the last. Hang in there.

    • Kitty says

      Thanks for taking the time to come here and post your reply. And, I am also determined to make this my last time to lose weight. Here’s to success for both of us!

    • Susan says

      Hi Myra,

      My spouse and I have been members of WW off and on through the years. I am 5′-11” and way back in the 80’s I found myself at 269. We started again this past November and at that time I was almost 230. I am now 209 and hope to reach that 207.4 you were sometime soon. My goal is to be between 150 and 160. My spouse is super successful at this and is a great inspiration to me. This week the topic was being a part of a “squad”. I just wish I could be in a woman’s squad. I love being with friends with whom I can talk with about just about anything. I find my Thursday WW group to be the highlight of my week. I just wish there was a way we could translate some of us into a couple of squads. Or whatever. Why do people find it so hard to want to be together?

  2. says

    My highest weight was 223 lbs. I reached goal, gained and reached it again. I’ve been maintaining goal weight (125 lbs) for a few years. It’s been a bumpy road!

    Cheering and Wishing you lots of success!

    • Kitty says

      Thanks for posting. It is really great to read about your success in get back to maintaining after a regain. It helps to show that it is possible!

  3. Susan says

    I really identified so much with your story; you really described the arc of where I, too, have been with my weight and my relationship with WW. I’m older than you, so when I joined WW, it was even before the exchange program (many forbidden foods, liver, one banana a week, cereal no more than twice a week). It looks as if SmartPoints is evolving back in time a bit. Joined and quit many times, got to Lifetime, regained, rinse and repeat. It is a lifelong battle, isn’t it, for some of us? Like you, once I retired, I had more time for health and fitness, so now am Lifetime in good standing and well below goal for over three years. Looking forward to learning more about SmartPoints at my next meeting. Thanks for all the info you provided.

    • says

      Thank you so much. Congratulations on getting back to goal and maintaining. I’ve thought that a bit about SmartPoints as well. Perhaps I think of it as taking some of the best parts of different programs and putting them together with the modern science (I’m glad science doesn’t require liver every week, though). We’ll see how it works out.

    • Susan says


      My story is so close to yours. I first joined in the early 70’s and had only 15 lbs. to lose. Back in 1980 I was up to 219.25. Got to goal for six months and got inducted into being a WW lecturer in North Hollywood. Now I am retired since last May and am doing better since I have gotten away from co-workers who were just clueless about the struggle I was going through. I pound the decomposed granite (DG) at my local high school 4 days a week for 16 laps and will start a free weight routine today. I am so proud of your success.

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    Thank you so much for your blogging of your first two weeks Beyond the Scale. It was so detailed and informative and I gleaned much from its content. This is day two for me on new program. I gave up sugars in March after reading JJ Virgins’ Sugar Impact Diet. There really are so many hidden sugars in our processed foods. In September I gave up processed food doing an Elimination diet for 30 days resulting in 9 weeks of consecutive weight losses. I gave up dairy, soy, grains, chocolate, peanuts, eggs, alcohol, night shade vegetables and caffeine. In Oct I incrementally added back one item every third day or so checking for its impact (sleep, cravings, hunger, arthritic pain, digestive & elimination systems, etc). I am learning so much from WW this fourth and final time around! Mahalo nui loa for sharing your WLJ !

    • says

      Thanks. An elimination diet where you take stuff out and then add it back in sounds like a good way to see what bothers you and what doesn’t.

  5. Vicky says

    Hi Kitty,
    I am wondering if you have been able to determine a calorie total for 30 Smart Points and what your thoughts are since it has been live for a while. I tried the Smart Points in Jan. for a month but it didnt work for me. I didnt like the tracking and it didnt provide enough nutrition info
    ( have 30 – 45 carbs per meal – carbs need to be spaced out). I liked the exchange plan and the first Points Plan. Any ideas. Thanks, Vicky

  6. Sari Stevenson says

    What an awesome blog! Thank you. I too am LT and recently rejoined after awhile as I have gained back 30 lbs. Ugh.

    I see you tract Smartpoints and log in My Fitness Pal. I’m curious on average about how many calories you’re eating (say compared to 30 SPs)?

    • says

      30 SP ranges for me from about 1050 to 1200 calories. But, that doesn’t include 0 point foods such as fruits/veggies which are on top of that.

  7. Michelle Galantino says

    Loved reading all of the comments and posts. I wonder if someone can help me. I joined WW 18 weeks ago and have only lost 3 lbs. I stick with this faithfully as I really want to be healthy and less stress on my bad knees. Back in 2007, I joined WW and lost 46 lbs which was great. Then I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. ( an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid, most people lose weight with this but 10% of the people with this disease will gain) I was put on medication and before I knew it, I went from 195 to 230 or so. I have lost some of that weight without WW. I went down to 207, was taken off of my meds for 1 year and then back on, where I went back up to 216. I joined WW again and am having a really tough time of it. I have tried just about everything from only eating carbs every 3rd day, to not eating carbs. I have just incorporated exercise. I’m getting about 57,000 steps in a week. I am also Post menopausal. Doc said that this is why i’m not loosing weight. I know many women who are postmen. and have had success. I hope someone can give me some advice as I’m at my wits end. Thank you in advance.

    • says

      I wonder if this is in part related to your medication. That may make it tougher. In that situation, then perhaps it will be a matter of slower loss than for most people. Do you have an activity monitor? If not, it might help to get a Fitbit or something similar so you can get a better idea of calorie burn to make sure you have a calorie deficit. Personally I find it helpful to count calories as well as SmartPoints so I can make sure I have a calorie deficit.

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