Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All!  This is my favorite time of year and hope everyone has a great holiday.  And, I’ll leave you with a few Christmas-y cat pics.

Yes, Nina, actually climbed into the Christmas tree. All by herself:

And, then my daughter and I dressed her up in antlers (which my husband and son thinks is an abomination…).  Nina didn’t actually mind and sat quietly in costume.

And, as I’ve done before a few pics of Sasha (aka Fluffy) when he discovered the tree:

Can never have too many cat pics or too many Christmas tree pics … Well, that is one of my rules.


Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Q&A

This to answer questions about the Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Program as well as regarding SmartPoints and FitPoints.

Shirt Back

Are fruits and vegetables still 0 points? 

Basically, if it was 0 before it is still 0.  There may be some exceptions, as I haven’t compared every food, but that is the general rule.  Obviously, there are foods that fit in these categories that were never 0 points, such as avocado or potatoes, etc.  Those still aren’t 0 points.

However, fruits and vegetables added to recipes via the recipe builder are now counted as 0 if they would be 0 when eaten alone.  In the past, when you added them to recipe builder, these 0 point foods would be counted and contributed to the point count.  Now, they don’t.

But, there is an exception to that as well.  If they are blended or processed then they are still counted.  So, if you use your blender to make a smoothie there will be points.  But, if you make a salad in the recipe builder, then your fruits and veggies will still be 0 point. [Read more…]

Weight Watchers New Program Meeting Details

I went to a Weight Watchers meeting this morning to get the official information on the new Beyond the Scale program using SmartPoints.  When I went in, staff had on these super cool T-shirts (well, except, for the male staff member who wore a plain black T-Shirt).  I loved the shirts and would pay money for one:

Shirt Back

My leader, Dana, and me. Note it was early in the morning for me and I wasn't wearing makeup! Oops.

My leader, Dana, and me. Note it was early in the morning for me and I wasn’t wearing makeup! Oops.

Materials were handed out at the end of the meeting in a festive package:


I bought one of the handheld SmartPoints calculators for $9.95.  It is always nice to have a calculator in hand in case I’m not near my computer and don’t have my iPhone handy. This is also nice because you can use it to calculate your Daily and Weekly SmartPoint allowances. [Read more…]

Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale is Live!

(12/6 – Details on SmartPoints and Beyond the Scale from my meeting on 12/6 and from the program materials.)

Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale, using SmartPoints, is now live in the United States.  When you go to the Weight Watchers website, the first thing you see is a short introduction to Beyond the Scale.

Once I was logged in there was a page with a longer introduction to Beyond the Scale.  I have previously posted about what I thought the program would be like, based upon information gleaned from moving my computer date forward to my next weigh in date and on information from the Australian Weight Watchers website.  I had also noticed that when I used the SmartPoints calculator that only the numbers for calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein mattered for calculating SmartPoints.  You were asked to put in the total fat, total carbs and total fiber; however, those values didn’t matter to the SmartPoints value.  At the time, I made my posts I cautioned that I was going off of limited information and maybe the live program would be different.

It now is clear that the program is basically as I described it, although there are some additional details on the Weight Watchers site now.  Essentially, instead of calculating PointsPlus we will calculate SmartPoints.  This is not a minor tweak to the points formula.  The Weight Watchers site confirms that SmartPoints are based upon calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. The SmartsPoint valuation basically penalizes sugar and saturated fat and gives an advantage to protein.  That is, saturated fat and sugar increase the SmartsPoint value, while protein decreases it. Of course, calories are taken into consideration as well. [Read more…]

Weight Watchers New Program First Impressions

(12/6 – Details on SmartPoints and Beyond the Scale from my meeting on 12/6 and from the program materials.)

I posted earlier about the new Weight Watchers program.  We have known for awhile that Weight Watchers trademarked SmartPoints.  And, with the new calculator online asking us for the amount of saturated fat and sugar in food, it wasn’t too big a leap to figure out that Weight Watchers was going to use those numbers to calculate points.  And, the assumption was that foods with high saturated fat or high sugar would be higher points.  Weight Watchers has billed its new program as the “biggest change in 50 years.”  I wasn’t sure if that was hype when I first saw that, but I am starting to be a believer.

Since posting about new program, I’ve had time to look a bit at the calculator and to see how big the changes will be in how points are calculated.  Based upon what I’ve seen the changes are major.  And, I like them.

I wanted to give some my first impressions but with two huge caveats.  First, I am sure that there are tons of things about the new program that I don’t yet know.  We know a little bit about the general overview of the program from the Australian Weight Watchers site.  And, more information can be obtained on the U.S. site by changing the date on your computer to a later date after the new program comes out.  From that, I was able to play with the new calculator to see the SmartPoints value of various foods and compare them to the current values.  The thing is that since the program has not yet been released, it is possible that what we are able to see through this method isn’t the final information.  For that reason, I’m not going to post a bunch of numbers for specific foods. Values could change when the program if fully implemented.

Second, there isn’t much information about FitPoints which is apparently the new name Weight Watchers has given to what is now called Activity Points.  It is unclear to me how FitPoints differ from Activity Points or even if they do.  I’m sure there are other changes that exist that don’t really show up in the limited information available.

What all of this means is to take my first impressions with a huge grain of salt.  The actual program when fully implemented and live may differ.   That is why I don’t want to give specific SmartPoints for particular foods.  I think, however, I can talk about the broader concepts.

Calculating SmartPoints

[Read more…]