2016 in Review

2016 was an interesting year.  From a weight standpoint, on the surface, things were kind of quiet.  At my December 2015 weigh in I weighed 145.4 pounds, which was just under my Weight Watchers goal weight of 146 pounds.  At my last December 2016 weigh in, I weighed 142.8 pounds.  Not much change there. My highest Weight Watchers weigh in was 147.8 pounds just a few days before my tummy tuck/breast lift in July.  My lowest weigh ins were 142.8 pounds in both April and December.

Plastic Surgery

My plastic surgery was really the dominant event of the year.   Losing over 65 pounds has been great.  But, weight loss just exacerbated my loose skin on both my face and body.  I worked with a personal trainer for almost a year and I got stronger.  But, it didn’t do anything to repair my abdominal muscles and loose skin that I had had ever since pregnancy.  Losing weight had helped get rid of fat, but it didn’t get rid of the loose skin.  That was like an elastic band that had been stretched out and that would never return to what it had been before.

I had been thinking about surgery for years, even while I was still losing weight.  As I got smaller, I felt my tummy still looked fat.  I read on blogs and websites (I especially liked Realself) about tummy tucks and thought it might be what I needed to get rid of the loose skin and repair the abdominal muscles.   As I read on Realself, I started to read about people having facial cosmetic surgery.  I hated my turkey neck and my sagging eyelids.  Even when I was much younger, I felt my eyelids drooped.  But, I hadn’t really thought about doing anything surgically.  At some point, I realized that if I did the tummy tuck, I would still hate looking at pictures since my face didn’t really reflect how I felt about myself.  So, I decided to do facial surgery. [Read more…]

Weight Watchers Updates My Day Page

Weight Watchers has updated the browser My Day page to look more similar to how it looks on the mobile app.  I had started hearing about the change a week or so ago*, but it hadn’t changed for me.  Today, it  finally changed.  If you are a member and it hasn’t changed for you, keep trying every day.  I think they may be rolling it out in stages.  There are now 3 tabs:  Weight, Food, and Activity.

The Food Log

The default seems to be for food:


First, I will say that the page is much cleaner looking without a lot of extraneous information.  They got rid of the big pictures and the right hand column for Helpful Info that was never very helpful to me. [Read more…]

Recovering after Mommy Makeover!

11 days I had my tummy tuck and breast lift (together called a Mommy makeover) and had some more cholesterol deposits on my eyes removed.  I had a rough start to my recovery but am doing well now.

The night of surgery I spent at the hospital and everything went fine.  The doctor came by in the morning and looked at everything and removed the drains from my breasts but left in 2 drains for the tummy tuck.  Even though I had Exparel, which deadens for a few days the muscles inside, the tummy tuck still hurt more than I expected.  The breast lift never hurt at all.  As soon as I was able to pee on my own, I went home. The hardest part was that I had to walk hunched over and my neck really hurt a lot.  In evening, I was walking around for a couple of minutes every hour or so and I suddenly just started throwing up.  I threw up 3 times that night which was really painful.  I did call the doctor and he said it wasn’t unusual but he had me come in the following morning.  He looked at everything and said everything looked OK.  He changed my antinausea medication and added a muscle relaxant for my neck.

I did found out that he removed 6.362 pounds from the surgery.  He removed 100cc from my left breast because it was a little larger and he made both breasts similar.  Most everything else removed was from the tummy tuck and liposuction.  I weighed 147 right before surgery, to that would make my new base line about 140.6 pounds. [Read more…]

Maintenance Members Can Now Set Their Daily & Weekly SmartPoints

Finally!  Members on maintenance can now set their Daily and Weekly SmartPoints!

Maintenance Points

The default had been to simply add 6 Daily SmartPoints and leave the Weekly SmartPoints untouched.  And, with SmartPoints, maintenance members had been unable to modify their points online.  This was a problem for some members on maintenance, particularly those who found that an extra 6 Daily SmartPoints weren’t enough for them to maintain.  They found that they needed to eat even more in order to keep from losing.  But, there was no way online to set a new SmartPoints target. Of course, it has always been the rule on maintenance that you would continue to add points until you were no longer losing.  But, it was disconcerting to many to have to go into negative SmartPoints online.

Another issue for many was that during maintenance they would much rather have extra Weekly SmartPoints than more daily SmartPoints.  I would fall within that group if I had Weight Watchers set to maintain.  Since I am still wanting to lose a few pounds I have my objective set to losing weight.  But, it is nice to know that if I do want to maintain I can set my own SmartPoints target.  I already know that I would give myself more weekly SmartPoints. [Read more…]