February 2018 Weigh In

I weighed in for February at 146.8 pounds, down 1 pound. I was particularly happy about this because it was only 1 week after my January weigh in which was a 3.8 pound gain.  As I posted in a separate post, regain happens.  It happens for a lot of reasons, but is a normal part of the weight loss and maintenance process.  I am not happy I regained, but I am glad that I was able to see what was happening and start reversing the process.

It always helps me to have short term goals.  My current short term goal is to get back to the 144 that I weighed in at in December.  I had a very good week last week and if I continue along that line I know I can get back there.  Unfortunately, it usually takes longer to loss weight than it did to put it on.  But, I can’t focus on that.  I will simply focus on doing the things that I know will be successful for me because they have succeeded in the past.

January Weigh In

Well, the fact I am doing my January on the last Saturday of the month is probably a sign that this wasn’t exactly a good month.  I weighed in at 147.8 pounds, which is up 3.8 pounds from December.  The bad news, of course, is that I am up 3.8 pounds.  In December I weighed the first Saturday of my month and my lowest weight since last February.  I ate well for about a week after that, then thinks started sliding downhill mostly related to holiday eating.  Yeah, not good.

But, honestly, the first two weeks of January were worse than December.  We went out of town for several days as a sort of mini-vacation and visits with various people.  We were eating out for all of our meals.  Normally, if we go on vacation we are doing a lot of sightseeing so I walk a lot and up burning a lot of calories so that balances off the extra calories.  But, this trip was different.   We weren’t sightseeing and doing active things.  We were mostly with people or driving around.  So, not much calorie burn.

I started out the trip OKish in terms of eating.  A little off track but not awful.  But, as I realized how inactive I was being I just went completely off track.  No excuses.  Just made bad choices.  We got back from the trip mid-week, but I just kept making bad eating choices for several more days.  That second week in January I averaged over 3100 calories a day, while I usually eat closer to 1200!

And, even after getting back we were inactive.  We had very cold weather here and a little ice (this is Texas — we aren’t used to all that) so we didn’t want to go out.  Then I was sick a few days.  Not serious, but I didn’t feel like exercising.  Then same for my husband.  So, I was totally off my routine and I don’t do well when I was off my routine.  That said, the last couple of weeks have been pretty good in terms of eating.

So…the good news.

I was up 3.8 pounds today from where I was the day I weighed in during December.  But, 13 days ago, I was up 8.1 pounds.  So, since then I’ve lost 4.3 pounds (mostly water weight I’m sure).  I think a lot of what is left is actual weight gain so it may take a couple of months to come on.  I was just glad to not be more than 2 pounds above goal so I was able to maintain my free status.

The important thing for me know is to get back into the routine and to focus on what I am eating and get more active now that the weather is better.


December Weigh In and Week 2 New Program Report

Two topics for this post, but they are related.

December Weigh In

First, I weighed in for December.  I was down 2 pounds from November, to 144 pounds.  That is 2 pounds under my goal weight of 146 pounds.  I am wanting to get to a lower point for my weight as part of my quest to improve my body composition.  I plan to reset my goal weight down a couple of pounds probably in January if these weight holds so I am not tempted to think it is OK to gain above 144 pounds. Hmm.  Actually, I may not wait until January.

I was very happy with the weigh in.  Being at or near goal, it is often hard to have a large loss.  And, yes, 2 pounds in a month counts as a large loss for me.  Also, the last time my weight was this low was in February.  I had a great weigh in during February (141.6 pounds) where I was basically back to my post-tummy tuck weight baseline.  It was wonderful.  But, then I started gaining.  I think mentally I didn’t think I had to worry about it since I was below my goal weight.  Hence, the reason I want to slowly reset my goal weight to something closer to where I want to be.

Anyway, I last saw my current weight while I was in the middle of gaining weight in February.  My next mini-goal is to weigh in at Weight Watchers at 141.6 pounds or below.

Week 2 – New Program (Flex in UK, Freestyle in U.S.)

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November Weigh In

I weighed in for November at 146 pounds, down .8 pounds from last month’s weigh in.  On the one hand, I was really happy with this as it is the first time since February that I’ve weighed in actually at my goal weight of 146 pounds.  Most of the time I’ve been free lifetime, but I was over my goal weight by a little.  So it is great to be back to goal (I’ve been a bit below it at home but I always weigh a little more at the meeting since I am weighing with clothes).

On the other hand it was a little annoying.  I basically didn’t go down at home during the last 10 days.  The reason I was annoyed was that I ate really well over that period.  I went and did my two sessions of exercise this week.  I did some treadmill.  So, it was disappointing to not really have a net loss during that period.  I think part of it was that I had a really heavy strength training session on Thursday.  Sometimes, that results in a little bit of water retention.  And, while I ate well on Friday I was very inactive because I spent a lot of the day watching Blizzcon on my computer. [Read more…]

October Weigh In

My usual weigh in day is Saturday.  But, I will be gone this next Saturday and the Saturday after that is the day after my husband’s birthday.  I didn’t think I particularly wanted to have to weigh in that day and didn’t want to have wait until the next Saturday to weigh in since that is so far down in the month.

The new week started on Sunday as did the new month.  So, even though we had gone to a meeting on Saturday, we went back Sunday morning just to do the October weigh in. [Read more…]