Dexa Scan Body Composition Test Results

Today, I visited Dexafit and had 3 things done.  First, I had a dexa scan (DXA scan) done to determine my body composition, including body fat percentage.  Then, I had my resting metabolism tested.  Finally, I had a Fit3D scan which made lots of measurements of my body.  The whole thing was incredibly interesting and informative and I think getting updated results over time will be very motivating.  Since this is all long I will do a separate post for each procedure.

Here is the post for my resting metabolic rate testing.

And, here is the post for my Fit3D scan.

The Dexa Scan

I will start with the dexa scan.  I described the dexa scan in my prior post talking about the upcoming testing.  The scan was pretty much what I expected from the scans I had previously had for bone density purposes.  You lay on a table very still.  I took off and my shoes and my ankles were actually strapped together and I was told to put my hands underneath my posterior.

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Dexafit Testing Upcoming

On Monday, I am scheduled to have some testing done: body composition through dexa scan (also called DXA scan), resting metabolism, and Fit3d.  I am having them done at my local Dexafit location.

September, 2015 Testing

In September, 2015, I had my body composition tested using the Bod Pod and had my resting metabolism also tested.  I posted then in advance of that testing.  After the testing, I posted about my results having found (as I expected) that I was skinny fat.  That is, I was basically normal weight with a really high body fat percentage. [Read more…]

The Older Women in the Weight Room

Today, I went to the YMCA for strength training.  I did 10 minutes or so on the bike, then did the weight machines and a few free weights.  But, one thing I really noticed were all the older women in the weight room.  I mean these were really older.  They looked to mostly be in their 70s.  I must have seen at least 10 exercising there in under an hour.

Going to the Y at mid-afternoon on a weekday is a great time to go.  The weight room is usually not that crowded so there aren’t long waits for most machines.  At that time of day, you mostly get those who don’t work 9 to jobs.  There are some college students, some who work flexible or later hours, some who maybe work from home, and the largest group — retirees.

So, it wasn’t unusual to see a lot of older people in the weight room.  And, as usual, more were men than women.  But, what really struck me today was that there were lot of these older women and they all seemed to be regular users of the weight room.  Most were mostly using the machines, but they all seemed to be experienced and were often lifting weights much higher than I lift.

While I was using the leg curl machine, I noticed a woman using the chest press machine across the way.  I couldn’t help but notice that she was lifting a weight several times higher than I do.  I have never had much upper body strength and that is what went the first with my time off from strength training.  As a result, I can only lift a very low weight.  She was lifting more, though, than I lifted after almost a year of working with a personal trainer.  And, she looked to be at least 80 years old!  I couldn’t help but notice that almost all of these women were very trim and all moved around pretty easily.  Yes, I could see that most of them were at least 10 year older than I am.  I just hope that I am where they are when I get to that point.

It was a good reminder that even into later life, it is possible to strength train and that a lot of benefits can come from it.  It was truly inspiring to watch.

Saturday Weigh In 9-16-2017

Go figure.  I weighed in today at 146.6 pounds, down .6 pounds since my last weigh in two weeks ago.

In a way, it wasn’t surprising. According to my Fitbit calorie burn info and my food info from MyFitnessPal I should have lost 1.75 pounds.  I think that part of the reason I haven’t is because I started strength training again and, typically, during the early days I will retain some fluids until my body gets used to the workout.  I actually expect to soon have more of a loss show up.  In fact, this loss really only showed up the past few days.  During most of the past 2 weeks, I’ve been up in weight from my last weigh in even though I knew it wasn’t real weight. [Read more…]

My Weekly Eating Pattern

I was just thinking today that my weekly eating seems to follow a fairly common pattern.  And, it is when I deviate from this pattern that I am mostly likely to get off track and then find it hard to get back on track.

Why I Don’t Eat Exactly 30 SmartPoints a Day

Let me first say that I am not one of those people to eat in a way that exactly equals my daily SmartPoints.  I know people who do it.  They get 30 daily SmartPoints and almost always eat exactly that many.  Some feel it is almost cheating to eat any Weekly SmartPoints (it’s not actually).  Or, they reserve Weekly SmartPoints to days that they eat our or are special occasions.

I just don’t eat that way.  First, I find it too difficult to eat exactly 30 daily SmartPoints.  Technically, that is my minimum and I am not supposed to go below it.  In reality, I do sometimes go below, although it is usually not by much. Way, way, back in the day we had a range of daily points.  That is, I think it was something like 18 to 23 points a day and you could bank unused points to use that week.  That later changed to getting just one number for each day and you got your weekly points at the start of the week.  I understand that change (it kind of sucked on the plan with banking if your birthday was on Day 1 of your week since you couldn’t borrow points from future days).  But, I did like the flexibility. And, most of the time I could easily eat within the range I was given. [Read more…]