March April Goal Update

I forgot to post on goals at the end of March, probably because I did so poorly during March.  So, this covers March and April.  My two primary goals are to cook more food at home and to start going to the Y and work on strength training.

I did terrible on both of these during March.  In March I ate out too much and ate too much processed foods.  And, I wasn’t active at all.  April was marginally better.  I cooked more at home.  My average daily calories eaten were 240 calories a day less than in March (and March had been better than February).  January was my best month this year on eating, but April was pretty good despite my being up 1.4 pounds at my April weigh in.  I would like to cut it about 50 calories a day, but overall I was happy with it.

While I am doing more eating at home and less processed foods, I haven’t done in freezer meals during April.  I have a couple of things that I like to make for quick meals — a turkey chili and some chicken/bean wraps — but I haven’t done them.  This is on my list for May. [Read more…]

April Weigh In

Well, my April weigh in wasn’t pretty.  I was up 1.4 pounds to 148.4 pounds. And, that was a really significant gain as it put me more than 2 pounds above my goal weight which meant that I had to pay at Weight Watchers this month.  This is the first time this happened since I got back to goal in the summer of 2015. The absolute most important thing, though, is that I went to the meeting knowing that I was going to weigh in enough above goal that I would have to pay.  But, I went anyway.

What happened?  When I weighed in for March — 7 weeks ago — I had just had a good week after 4 horrendous weeks.  I was up 5.4 pounds.  That was basically just flat out overeating.  I tracked, but that was about all that I did that was good.

But, I had that good week before I weighed in on March 11.  I diagnosed what I was doing wrong and knew what I needed to do to get back on track. And…then I had 3 bad weeks.  It is fairly easy in retrospect to see what happened.  One of the problems during February was that I had bought bags of popcorn with drizzled chocolate on them.  And, I was overeating them.  After I weighed in on March 11, I still had a couple of bags left.  I just wanted them gone and resolved not to buy again.  The problem is that I then…ate the bags over 2 days.  That added a lot of calories to the start of that week.  That would have been OK, but my mother came to visit us to celebrate her 93rd birthday.  As a result, later that week we went on eat to celebrate her birthday and those calories added on resulted in that not being a great week. [Read more…]

Another Birthday

So, yesterday was my birthday.  It was my 4th birthday since I started this blog.  I had a great day.  One thing I always like to do on my birthday is take pictures so I have a record of where I was at the time.  Honestly, I am super picky about pictures and usually hate every picture taken of me.  Even with my plastic surgery, I still hate most pictures of me.  I actually liked how I looked in the mirror before the pictures were taken.  I just didn’t like most of the pictures and I usually feel that way.  It isn’t that I don’t like how I look.  I think I look fine.  It is the pictures I don’t like.  So, I always have someone (usually my husband) take a ton of pictures and I nitpick them to to death.  Inevitably, there are things I like on every picture, but things I don’t like.  We had a lot of difficulty with the lighting today, but there was one picture that had great lighting.  But, the expression on my face was not so great.  And, so it went.  Anyway, I finally picked two that I was reasonably OK with.


Neither one is perfect.  I liked the top picture, but my hair was in my eyes a bit too much.  The bottom picture I liked fairly well, but I wasn’t smiling quite enough.  But, the pictures where I was smiling generally had bad lighting or other flaws.  So, I’ll take these.  Even so, I’m happier with these photos that those of past years. [Read more…]

Fitbit Alta HR Review

This week I got the new Fitbit Alta HR and wanted to review it.  I have been using a Fitbit Blaze, which I did a First Look Review when I received over a year ago and then a follow up after two months.  I still really like the Fitbit Blaze and have been happily using it.  I did take off from exercising after my surgery last year, but lately I’ve been getting back into some walking (still not going to the Y yet) and am becoming more active.

And, the Blaze is great for that.  Despite that I bought a new Alta HR.  Usually when I buy a new Fitbit it is because the new tracker has some great new feature that I don’t have with the old tracker.  That isn’t the case with the Alta.  In fact, it has fewer features than the Blaze.  And, some of those features are important to me.  So, why get the Alta?

Looks.  That is mostly it.  Well, comfort is a factor, but that is relatively minor.  I love my Blaze and it does a lot of stuff.  If I could have only the Blaze or the Alta HR, I would go for function over form and keep the Blaze.  But, Fitbit allows you to have more than one tracker on your account.  I can wear the Alta HR part of the time, then switch midday to the Blaze and then switch back and if I sync both of them I will end up with all my steps and calorie burned counted nad all my activities recorded.

For that reason the question wasn’t Blaze or Alta HR.  The question was Blaze only or Blaze and Alta HR.  When I looked at it that way, it was easy for me to decide on having both of them.

The Alta HR does most of what the Blaze does.  It also is much smaller.  It is very sleek to look at.  Like the Blaze, you can switch bands if you want.  It is just that the Alta HR is prettier.  The Alta HR looks like the Alta which came out close to the time the Blaze came out.  I wasn’t tempted by the Alta, however, as it didn’t continuously monitor heart rate and that is a dealbreaker feature for me.  The Alta HR does continuously monitor heart rate.  I like how it looks and it is very comfortable to wear.  That is important since I wear my Fitbit 24/7 as I use it to also monitor sleep.

[Read more…]

March Weigh In

The day of reckoning.  Yes, I was up 5.4 pounds to 147 pounds.  As I posted on Friday, I was off track for 4 weeks.  At the worst of it I was up 9 pounds!  So, a gain of 5.4 pounds really demonstrated that I was much more on program for the last week.  I think my “true” weight gain (not including fluid retention) is about 3 pounds.

I am irritated with myself for getting off track, but am glad I’m back on track now and plan to stay there.  Going forward one of my big goals for this month is to get back into more activity.  That is something I got out of doing when I had surgery last year.  And, it wasn’t optional.  I had to stop exercising for a time.  But, I am able to do more now and need to be doing more.  That is next on my list to get back on track with now that the food part is doing better.