Weight Watchers Beta Dashboard

When I first saw the Beta Tracker, it was an option on the main plan manager page. Since then, when I log in I am automatically taken to a similar page where is the Beta Dashboard.  It is very like the beta tracker was, but on the right it has links to featured articles and not just recipes.

WW Beta Dashboard

Also at the top there is a link to “See What’s New.”  If you go to that, then you get an FAQ.  From the FAQ, there is one ray of sunshine, but other things are not as hopeful.

One of my real disappointments with the Beta Tracker is that the Weight page no longer shows weight loss graphs and there is no chart of weight lost.   Maybe at least some missing information is coming back.  In the FAQ it is noted that Weight Charts are coming soon.  Now, a chart is not a graph but it is something.  And, I’m hoping that when the charts come that graphs come back. [Read more…]