Do I Have to Eat All My Daily SmartPoints?

This is the third of a series of posts about points, including whether to eat Weekly SmartPoints and whether to eat FitPoints. While not officially part of the series, I also suggest looking at my recent post about swapping FitPoints and how that is affected by the new baseline.

Some members find that they quickly run out of Daily SmartPoints.  The first two posts in this series basically deal with that situation and discuss eating Weekly SmartPoints and swapping FitPoints for food.

This post deals with the opposite problem — members who find it difficult to reach their Daily SmartPoints Target.  So, is it OK to just not meet the daily Target or must we eat the minimum?  I would say that…it depends.  First, note that members have a wide range of Daily SmartPoints Targets.  The minimum Daily SmartPoints Target is 30 SmartPoints.  But, it can be much more.  Men tend to be larger than women and are usually more muscular and burn more calories.  So, it is more common that men get a higher daily Target.  Those who have lots to lose will also have a higher daily Target.

At times, I personally have struggled to get to my 30 Daily SmartPoints.  Here is an example:

Low SP Day

On the day above, I ate 28 SmartPoints.  Note that I don’t always record zero point foods on Weight Watchers.  I have some listed as part of my salad since I have that saved as a meal.  But, if I had a snack of berries I wouldn’t record that on Weight Watchers. [Read more…]