Explain This Weigh In Page! (And FitPoints Again)

Can anyone give any rational explanation for the layout on this weigh in page?  This is the Weight Watchers weigh in page as seen on my browser.  I am sure regular readers here know that I am a big fan of Weight Watchers.  I think it is a good program and I’ve been very successful on it.  But, I am actually dumbfounded that the layout on this page hasn’t been improved during this year.

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A Few Weight Watchers Changes I Noticed

I just wanted to mention a few recent Weight Watchers related changes that I noticed.  Two of them are FitPoints related dealing with situations where there is an activity monitor being used.  The third relates to the demise of the Weight Watchers message board.

Tracked Walk No Longer Double Counted

I haven’t been exercising for a few months due to my plastic surgery.  But, I was finally able to start walking again. So, the other day I went for a walk in the neighborhood with my husband and tracked the walk using Fitbit.

When I had last been doing that a few months ago, I found that if I tracked the walk as an activity on Fitbit that my steps got double counted.  So, I would get FitPoints for the number of steps in the walk plus I got FitPoints for my total steps for the day, including those in the tracked walk.

Apparently, while I was away from exercising that was fixed.  It seems to now track the steps in the walk and to then deduct those steps from your daily total before giving you FitPoints for your total steps. [Read more…]

Great Week With Changing My Start Day

I posted earlier about changing the start of my week to Monday even though I weigh in on Saturdays.  I wanted to report back that it ended up working out really well.  I am swapping FitPoints before Weekly SmartPoints with a goal to not eat my Weekly SmartPoints most weeks, but feeling free to eat my FitPoints that are above my baseline.

I ended the week with all of my Weekly SmartPoints and 1 FitPoint left that I could have swapped. I earned 48 FitPoints, of which 28 could be swapped for food.  I ate 27 of my FitPoints.  In a way, of course, that is the same as simply eating 27 of my 28 Weekly SmartPoints and none of my FitPoints.

But, I see it differently.  To eat those 27 FitPoints I had to earn enough FitPoints over my baseline that would allow me to swap FitPoints for food.  For me, the first 3 FitPoints I earn are my baseline and can’t be swapped for food.  There is no doubt that I was more diligent about earning FitPoints knowing I was swapping them first.   [Read more…]

Day to Start the Weight Watchers Week

I just went in and changed my Weight Watchers week to start on Monday rather than Saturday.

Weigh In Date

I also did the same thing on MyFitnessPal.  And, I set Fitbit to start on Monday, instead of Sunday (those are the only two options Fitbit gives you).  The choice of which day to start with for all of these services may seem like a choice that doesn’t matter.  But, I think it can be very important both from the mental aspect and for planning.  This change for me is a major change for me since I weigh in on Saturdays.  Before, my weigh in day aligned with the start of my week.  Now, it doesn’t.

I would guess that most Weight Watchers members start their week on their weigh in day, although I have have known members who start on other days.  For example, I have seen a number of members who start their week on the day after their weigh in.  But, for most of the time I’ve been a Weight Watchers members I’ve started my week on the day that I weighed in.  I do have some vague recollection that at one time in the last millennium I started my week on Saturday when I weighed in mid-week.

Since I went back to Weight Watchers several years ago, though, my weigh in day has been on either Friday or Saturday and I have started my week on the same day (with occasional forays to try other options).  I had a few reasons that I aligned the start of my week with my weigh in day.  First, it seemed to emotionally makes sense.  Weighing in could be seen as something that happens after the end of the week to show the result of what I did for that week.  So, if my week ended on Friday, then I would weigh in on Saturday morning and begin anew.  The lining up of ending my week and then weighing in the next day made sense.

It also made sense from a practical standpoint.  By ending my week on Friday, I would weigh in Saturday morning and then have all of my daily and weekly points available.  Like many people, I tended to eat out on the weekend and I liked having all my points available to do that.  I could eat out and use a lot of my weekly points on the weekend and then I went through the week days knowing exactly how many points I had left.  That helped me plan. [Read more…]

Should I Swap FitPoints Before or After Weekly SmartPoints?

On Weight Watchers, we first have a choice whether to swap FitPoints for food at all.  Some choose not to swap at all. If we decide to swap FitPoints for food, though, we have an additional choice to make.  Do we swap FitPoints before or after eating Weekly SmartPoints?  We exercise that choice by going to settings and then choosing one of those alternatives in the Food section:

Swapping FitPoints

Swapping Alternatives

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