Why I Don’t Want to Set Weight Loss Goals

I was at my Weight Watchers meeting recently and we were taking about setting goals. A member talked about having a goal to loss X number of pounds by the end of Y month.  And, I hear that from a lot of people.  I want to lose 10 pounds a month or 25 pounds in 3 months or 1 pound a week or whatever.  I have shied away from setting that kind of short-term weight loss goal.  In fact, in the first post I did on this blog (over two years ago) about goal setting, I said the following:

I am not going to set up a monthly goal to lose a certain amount of weight.  I know that works for a lot of people.  For me, it doesn’t.  I think that is because I can’t totally control whether it is achieved.  That is, I can do the things that I think would lead to a certain loss and over the long term that is realistic.  That is why I feel OK having a goal to basically lose 41 pounds this year.  But, over the short term, the body doesn’t always cooperate.  And, when it doesn’t show the loss that the numbers say should exist, it tends to throw me off track, even if the loss shows up the next week.  So, I won’t set weight loss goals for a short time period.

At the time, I thought I was being very realistic by setting a goal to lose 41 pounds in a year while not setting a short term weight loss goal.  In reality, my mistake was in making it a goal to lose 41 pounds that year. [Read more…]