Goal Weight Redux

Yes, once again, I want to talk about goal weight.  I’ve already recently posted about how I think that having an official goal weight of 146 has had a negative effect on my staying at a weight below 146.  The clearest example of this was that I had 6.4 pounds removed through a tummy tuck/breast lift a year ago and I was magically instantly well below my official goal weight.  Yes, I needed to eat a little bit fewer calories to maintain it, but that should have been doable.  And, yet, I didn’t.  And, I think the main reason was that my mind kept thinking that it was OK to be at 146 the top of the normal range and my official goal weight.

I can’t do anything about 146 being the top of the BMI normal range.  I can remind myself that BMI is valuable, but isn’t everything.  Even with a normal BMI, I am skinny fat with a high body fat percentage for my weight.  I have to keep that in mind.  But, I can do something about my Weight Watchers official goal weight.  As I mentioned earlier, I plan to reset my goal weight as I lose weight below 146.  So, if I get to 142 pounds, I would reset my goal to 143 and so on.

But, all of that begs the question:  What should the goal weight be that I aim for?  I have definitely talked about this more than once on this blog.  Sometimes, I go back and read old posts of mine and it reminds me that something has been a long standing issue.  In a post a year and a half ago, I talked about goal weight versus ideal weight.  At that time, I didn’t come to any firm conclusion.  I was worried then about my Weight Watchers goal being at the top of the range having a negative effect on me.  But, then, I wasn’t willing to reset it lower.  I also knew that I need to lose fat since my body fat is so high.  And, I do not build muscle easily at all.  I did a full year of strength training and didn’t build significant additional lean mass.  I do think I largely maintained what I had and I got somewhat stronger.  I think that the weight I lost during that time was fat rather than a mixture of fat and muscle.  So, I think the strength training was of benefit for me. [Read more…]