August In Review

Thought it might be good since I am in losing mode to report monthly rather than every few months.  At the time I last reported on goals, I was a bit too optimistic.  At that time I acknowledged my weight gain, but hadn’t really faced up to the fact that I had been eating poorly for months and hadn’t been consistent.

My goals at the start of the year had been to cook more and to rejoin the Y and start strength training again.  After the end of June, I was giving myself an F on exercise and about C on cooking at home.  Despite my somewhat optimistic post, July ended up being mixed and I had to pay at my first weigh in during August.  I was 3.4 pounds over my goal weight which was down 1.2 pounds from July, but was still too high.

Despite that, August ended up being a great month.  I last weighed in a couple of weeks ago and was barely at 148 pounds (2 pounds over goal) so I was back to free lifetime status.  I didn’t weigh in last weekend due to the hurricane.  I think Saturday’s weigh in will be good (at least under 148 pounds), but you never know. To put in perspective, I had the highest number of average steps this month and calorie deficit than I’ve had since June, 2015.  I had the highest calorie burn since July, 2015 (well, it was slightly higher in July, 2016 but that was due to heightened metabolism after my tummy tuck/breast lift).  My average calories eaten per day was the lowest since February, 2015.   [Read more…]

Goal Weight Redux

Yes, once again, I want to talk about goal weight.  I’ve already recently posted about how I think that having an official goal weight of 146 has had a negative effect on my staying at a weight below 146.  The clearest example of this was that I had 6.4 pounds removed through a tummy tuck/breast lift a year ago and I was magically instantly well below my official goal weight.  Yes, I needed to eat a little bit fewer calories to maintain it, but that should have been doable.  And, yet, I didn’t.  And, I think the main reason was that my mind kept thinking that it was OK to be at 146 the top of the normal range and my official goal weight.

I can’t do anything about 146 being the top of the BMI normal range.  I can remind myself that BMI is valuable, but isn’t everything.  Even with a normal BMI, I am skinny fat with a high body fat percentage for my weight.  I have to keep that in mind.  But, I can do something about my Weight Watchers official goal weight.  As I mentioned earlier, I plan to reset my goal weight as I lose weight below 146.  So, if I get to 142 pounds, I would reset my goal to 143 and so on.

But, all of that begs the question:  What should the goal weight be that I aim for?  I have definitely talked about this more than once on this blog.  Sometimes, I go back and read old posts of mine and it reminds me that something has been a long standing issue.  In a post a year and a half ago, I talked about goal weight versus ideal weight.  At that time, I didn’t come to any firm conclusion.  I was worried then about my Weight Watchers goal being at the top of the range having a negative effect on me.  But, then, I wasn’t willing to reset it lower.  I also knew that I need to lose fat since my body fat is so high.  And, I do not build muscle easily at all.  I did a full year of strength training and didn’t build significant additional lean mass.  I do think I largely maintained what I had and I got somewhat stronger.  I think that the weight I lost during that time was fat rather than a mixture of fat and muscle.  So, I think the strength training was of benefit for me. [Read more…]

Taking Stock at Mid-Year

Yes, it is halfway through 2017.  Actually, it seems like the year has just begun.  So, where am I at this point?

This last 6 months hasn’t really been great.  From a weight standpoint, this has been the most difficult period since I got back to goal in the summer of 2015. At my December, 2016 weigh in, I was at 142.8 pounds.  In June, I was at 146.8 pounds.  My Weight Watchers goal weight is 146 and I am free lifetime so long as I don’t weigh above 148 pounds.  Since I got back to goal, I’ve been above that mark exactly once.  That was in April when I weighed in at 148.4 pounds.  Since, then I’ve gone down.  But, I am expecting to be above 148 when I weigh in this Saturday.

And, the weight gain has been for predictable reasons.  Part of it was overeating.  I have been up and down the entire year.  January was a good month and I weighed in at 141.6 in February.  I think that led to some over-confidence and lack of focus on eating.  And, I was up to 147 in March.  I was more careful for awhile then went off the rails and was above 148 in April.  I then got it together the last 2 weigh ins, but overate when I was sick for about 10 days and I still have swelling from my surgery in May.

My goals at the start of the year were to cook more at home and to rejoin the Y and start strength training again.  I’ve done some of the cooking at home.  I get maybe a C on that one.  I am cooking more at home, but not as much as I planned.  The bigger problem has been that some of my food choices haven’t been great.  I am toying with the idea of signing up for one of those meal preparation services for maybe 3 dinners a week where they send you the ingredients and you cook the food.  This would replace one of our dining out times during the week which I think would help with the eating and staying within my calorie/points goals. [Read more…]

March April Goal Update

I forgot to post on goals at the end of March, probably because I did so poorly during March.  So, this covers March and April.  My two primary goals are to cook more food at home and to start going to the Y and work on strength training.

I did terrible on both of these during March.  In March I ate out too much and ate too much processed foods.  And, I wasn’t active at all.  April was marginally better.  I cooked more at home.  My average daily calories eaten were 240 calories a day less than in March (and March had been better than February).  January was my best month this year on eating, but April was pretty good despite my being up 1.4 pounds at my April weigh in.  I would like to cut it about 50 calories a day, but overall I was happy with it.

While I am doing more eating at home and less processed foods, I haven’t done in freezer meals during April.  I have a couple of things that I like to make for quick meals — a turkey chili and some chicken/bean wraps — but I haven’t done them.  This is on my list for May. [Read more…]

Goal Update

At the start of this year, I decided to make monthly goals.  I did make some progress on them, but will repeat them for February.

The first goal was to cook more food at home and make freezer meals for future use.  I did reasonably well on this.  In my post setting my January goals, I said I had made some turky chili and some chicken/bean/rice wraps in a large batch.  I had then frozen individual servings.  That was a good start, but I indicated I needed to do more.  And, didn’t do any more of that type of cooking for the rest of the month.  We did eat more at home because I decided to only eat out once on the weekend instead of twice every weekend.  That was adding too many extra calories and making it harder during the week, particularly when we sometimes needed to eat out during the week when we were out and about far from home.  By only eating out once on most weekends, it has helped to make the rest of the week easier.

The second goal was to rejoin the YMCA and start strength training again.  I did rejoin the Y, but haven’t done anything with it.  January was a terrible month on activity.  There were some reasons for some of this.  January was a rough month for us and our pets.  Our 14 1/2 year old dog died.  That was expected as something that was going to soon happen, but was still hard.  Then, our cat who was being treated for lymphoma had come out of remission and by the end of the month he was gone.  And, finally, one of our other cats (the one I showed in the Christmas tree) had to have major surgery to have all of her teeth removed (to treat gingivostomatitis).  Her recovery has gone very well, but it was all very stressful.  During this time, I really just wanted to mostly be home with my pets and didn’t have a lot of energy to think about working out.

For February, the plan is to continue on with the goals I had for January.  I will do more cooking and will actually start using the Y.