August Weigh In

I weighed in today for my August weigh in (and attended the Weight Watchers meeting).  I was up 2.4 pounds, to weigh in at 148.2 pounds.  This was actually fairly annoying to me.  At the end of July I — at long last — weighed in at 145.8 pounds, which .2 pounds below my goal weight of 146.  I decided then to just work on maintenance for the next 4 to 6 six weeks.  WW suggested that I eat a minimum of 6 more daily points each day.  Of course, I would still have my weekly points and activity points.  I thought 6 more points a day was a lot so I set my daily points at 3 more points (29).  That week I ate all my daily points and weekly points and ate 2 activity points.  I was actually up a little over 4 pounds at the end of the week.

I didn’t weigh in last Saturday as my daughter was having her black belt test in karate (congrats to her for passing!).  I felt one reason I was up so much last Saturday was I was eating more carbs and so had water retention.  I did eat much better this week.  Fewer points and I stayed in the 70 carb range for the last 3 days of the week.  On the other hand, Tuesday was my daughter’s birthday so eating out and having a piece of ice cream cake happened.

I did go down a couple of pounds during the week, but not as much as I would expect for the calorie level I was eating at.  I had this weird soreness in my calf after a cramp which really cut into activity this week (it is finally feeling normal).  Still I ate at the level that I was eating at a few weeks ago before getting to goal.

When I got up this morning, I wasn’t down as much as I had hoped.  Based upon past history, I thought it was 50/50 whether I would weigh in within 2 pounds of my goal weight.  As we were driving over to Weight Watchers, I noticed my wedding ring felt really tight.  I had finally gotten back into wearing it and have been regularly wearing it for about a month.  I took it off and this is how my finger looked:

Ring Finger

This was a pretty good indication that I’m still retaining some water.  So, I wasn’t hopeful when I went in to weigh in.  The scale actually flickered the entire time between 148 and 148.2, but was captured at 148.2 pounds.

I had considered not going to the meeting today.  As a lifetime member at goal, I have to weigh in at my first meeting of the month.  I can’t skip that weigh in.  I could have chosen not to go to the meeting.  But, two factors caused me to go.

First, there is a promotion to get a smiley face charm if you attend 10 out of 12 meetings this summer.  I had only missed 1 (last week) and could have missed another this week.  But, then I would have had to have weighed in the next two weeks.  I think I’ll be able to, but life can happen so I didn’t want to miss for something that wasn’t really a necessary reason.

Second, I don’t want to ever get in a habit of not weighing in because my weight is up.  I “failed” maintenance 25 years ago, because I gained about 5 pounds on a business trip and didn’t want to go back until I was at goal.  And, the result was that I didn’t go back for several years until I had much more to lose.

My situation now is different.  I’ve been tracking what I eat and I know that I did fine this week.  Also, I am deliberately experimenting with learning maintenance so this is going to be some trial and error.  So, from that standpoint, I’m not all that upset (although not happy about the weigh in).  But, I still don’t want to start a habit of avoiding weighing in if my weight is up.

So — I weighed in.  I need to get to 148 or below by next weekend which I think should be easy to do.  We’ll see how it goes this week.