December Weigh In

I was up 2.4 pounds to 145.6 pounds this month.  But, that is a bit misleading.  It was a cold, rainy day this morning.  So, I wore warm, fleece lined pants and wore a light jacket over my T shirt which I didn’t remove when I weighed.  A good part of the gain was due to the heavier clothes.  I do think probably half of it was due to my not so good November eating and the remainder was the clothes.

This is progress.  Last winter I wore shorts the entire winter and would change after weighing in.  A few months ago after my tummy tuck I did start wearing light long pants to weigh in, but today I wore much heavier clothes.  This will give me a lot more freedom to wear heavier clothes during the winter.

I have been happy the past several days as I was able to put together several good eating days.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve had difficulty doing that.  I’ve either eaten out too much — and not been careful enough when I did that — or I’ve just been hungry and overeating at home.  Finally, I was able to go several days eating in the range where I lose weight.

I still wasn’t active enough over the past month.  We did get back into walking outside with the cooler weather.  But, the last couple of weeks I didn’t do well.  We were busy due to the holiday and having my mom visiting.  And, I’ve just had a ton of stuff to do.

One thing I did this past week was that I had my permanent in my hair straightened.  I had gotten the permanent last February as I was at an awkward stage with my hair.  It wasn’t totally short any more and I wanted to grow it to shoulder length.  I find that length from below my ears to my shoulder to be a really awkward time and I don’t really like my hair while it is growing out.  And, that is why I got the permanent. [Read more…]

More Post Mommy Makeover Update

OK, a few more update things.  First, I weighed this morning and was at 139.5 pounds on my home scale.  That is the first time I’ve been under 140 since about 1991.

Today I had a follow up appointment with the doctor.  It is now 4 weeks (and 1 day) post-surgery.  There were a couple of interesting things.  I got a copy of the page from my record showing exactly how much was removed during my surgery.

The tummy tuck itself removed 3 pounds.  The liposuction removed 2.9 pounds.  I had .06 pounds removed from one breast and .22 from the other (this difference was due to wanting to even out the two sides).  So, the total is 6.18 pounds.

One interesting thing was this record showed my pre op weight (taken at the hospital was 146 pounds.  I weighed at home the morning of surgery I was at 147 pounds on my home scale.  I’ve long felt that scale was weighing me about a pound heavier than I really am, so this was confirmation of that. [Read more…]

Update – Surgery and Weight

Just an update.  Saturday I weighed at home (so no clothes, unlike at Weight Watchers) and I was at 140 pounds.  I was really happy about this as for the first time I was about half a pound under my new baseline (pre-surgery weight less what was removed).  That is mostly because I just haven’t been very hungry since I had surgery.  I tend to have 3 small meals and a snack and that is it.  I’ve eaten takeout a few times and have started to go out some but I’m still not eating as much as before.  I’m sure that will change with time but right now I’m glad since I’m not very active.

Here is a photo that give an idea of where my tummy is at after 3 weeks.

3 weeks photo

[Read more…]

June Weigh In

I did go to my Weight Watchers meeting today for my first weigh in since surgery.  As I’ve mentioned, I currently have myself set on maintenance.  Adequate nutrition during healing is important and this is not the time to try to lose more weight.  I ended up weighing in at 145.4 pounds, down .8 pounds from last month.

I was happy with the weigh in.  The first week after surgery I ate very little, just wasn’t hungry and only ate as necessary to take medication and to try to get some calories and protein in.  The next two weeks I ate a lot more and actually blew through all my points.  Despite that, I lost weight during those weeks.  I spoke with my doctor and basically chalked this up to the body metabolism increasing in order to do more healing.  So, I had no negative effects (weightwise) from eating so many calories.

This last week was more like an almost normal week.  Since last Monday I have been able to use the treadmill to walk and I have slowly done that (very slowly) and have gotten to where I do about 30 minutes usually divided into 2 sections.  Before this week, my activity was really low since I wasn’t supposed to do much activity.  I am still not supposed to do anything other than walking or light exercise bike for several more weeks.  I’ve also been told that even if I feel good I shouldn’t do things like heavy cleaning or anything that would cause any straining.  That might cause bleeding and increase swelling. [Read more…]

My Plastic Surgery Consultations (Part II)

See Part I for how I picked the surgeons I went to see for consultations.

My first consultation was with a surgeon that has experience with both facial surgery and Mommy Makeovers, but seems to emphasize the tummy tucks/Mommy makeovers more than the facial surgery.  Most of the reviews on Realself were from patients who either had a Mommy Makeover or a tummy tuck or breast work.  But, the facial reviews that did exist were good. And, he had a number of Before and After photos on his website for facial work and they looked good.  The photos were a little small, though, so I hoped he would have more photos in his office or would have larger copies.  Surgeons have to get permission from patients before putting them on their website or in photo books in the office. I had read that sometimes there were more photos in the office because patients would agree to that more readily.

When I went into his office the first thing that they asked me to do was to change into a robe, removing everything except my underpants.  The doctor came in and greeted me and asked me a little bit about what I was wanting to do.  I went through the stuff on my face from going from eyes to neck.

Here is a picture of me from last month.  Look especially at my eyes and the skin hanging on the sides of the eyes.

Face 4 [Read more…]