November Fit3D Scan

I just had my November Fit3D scan a couple of days ago.  I posted about my in initial Fit3D scan in September.  Then, I updated the scan in October. I can get a scan monthly as part of my plan at Dexafit.  I wasn’t sure if I would have much difference.  Up until about a week before the scan I wasn’t really down very much from last month.  But, the last week or so, my weight has really dropped (I think due to my trying to follow the new Weight Watchers plan that was unveiled in the UK). At Dexafit, I weighed 2 pounds less when I was scanned there in October.

I was a little concerned I wouldn’t have much change in measurements because I hadn’t exercised much the last couple of weeks mostly due to having a houseguest due to Thanksgiving.  I have done some walking, but had missed about a week and a half of strength training. So, even though I was done 2 pounds I wasn’t sure if I would have much difference in measurements.  As it turns out, I was happy with my November results.

To do the Fit3D scan, you basically get down to your underwear, then stand on this pedestal that spins you around for 40 seconds taking tons of measurements.  From that, a 3D avatar is created.  This is the one from this past Wednesday:

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I’m Shrinking, I’m Shrinking

I realized today that I really am getting smaller.  Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like it, but it is happening.

Around the house I mostly wear workout pants so don’t really see the change in my size.  A couple of months ago, though, I realized that my size 18 jeans were literally starting to fall off me.  So, I dug around in the closet and found some size 16 jeans that I had bought back when I was losing weight in 2011.  I started wearing them some, even though at the time they were a little tight.  I didn’t wear them a lot since they sit really low on the hips.


This may make me seem ancient, but I confess that pants that sit low on the hips always make me uncomfortable.  I feel like I should be tugging them up to my waist.  I can handle the mid rise ones, but don’t like those that seem like they will fall off (or show more of your backside than you would like) if you bend over.  Anyway, I realized a couple of days ago that the size 16 jeans were too large.  In fact, I found that I didn’t actually have to unbutton or unzip them to take them off.

Today, I was at the hairdresser’s and I realized as I walking that they were literally about to fall down.  I kept stopping to tug them up.

When I got home, I retired them.  Well, I put them away.  I guess I should have thrown them away.  I did finally throw away the size 18 jeans.

I then looked in the closet and found my size 14 jeans and tried them.


I had tried them on a couple of months ago and I could barely get them zipped and couldn’t breathe at all.  I had remembered wearing them before when I was in the low 160s so thought I would have to wait until I got back there to wear them.  But, with the 16s not fitting, I tried the the size 14 jeans (yes, they are a curvy cut, but still) and they fit perfectly.

I was really happy about that, particularly since I am able to wear them now at a few pounds higher than when I was able to wear them before.  I think that my body fat is a little better than it was then.

Of course, the bad part is that I’m in the high 160s and only just now getting into a curvy size 14.  On the 3FC forums, sometimes people talk about what size they can wear.  I’ve seen people of similar height weighing much more and in a smaller size.  I think part of this is my body shape.  I tend to carry a lot of weight around my belly button.  My waistline has always been large.  The other part is that I have high body fat.  According to my scale it is somewhere between about 42% and 43% now (I know the scale isn’t that accurate, but I know my body fat is a lot).  I’m sure that someone of my height and weight, but who was 25% body fat would wear a much smaller size.

All of which reminds me.  Back when I did WW the very first time, I was given a body measurement chart that you could fill in periodically to see how your measurements where changing.

I kept a copy of the chart from when I started Weight Watchers and the first page of it is below.  The columns are:



3-upper arm






9-upper leg






15-clothing size


WW measurements

Now, bear in mind, that this chart was started about 25 years ago.  What is interesting to me is that I weighed 167 then and at my weigh in last week I weighed 168.  Anyway, back then at 167, I wore a size 16.  Now, I can easily fit into the size 14 jeans.  That seems to indicate a mild vanity sizing change.  In reality, the vanity sizing change is much greater.  That is because back then (in my mid-30s) I was much “smaller” at 167 than I am now at 168.  At that time, for example, my waist was 33 7/8″.  Last week I measured my waist and it was around 37 1/2″.  Back then, my hips were 42 1/8″.  Now, they are at least a couple of inches more.  (I need to go and do a full set of measurements.  I usually do it every 10 pounds or so, but hadn’t done it while I’ve been using the walker).

The point is that my 167 pound body then had a waist almost 4″ smaller than now, but I wore a size 16 then and now — even with the larger weight — I can wear a size 14 (at least in those curvy jeans).

Another interesting thing in the chart was that I didn’t get solidly into a size 12 until I was at 143 1/2 pounds.  Now, that would be within my goal weight since my current goal weight is 146 which is the top of the normal weight range.  Back then, though, my goal weight was 125.  The other thing is that back then it took me only 4 months to get from 167 to 143 1/2 pounds.  I suspect it will take me more than 4 months now to get to that weight.  I’m hoping to get to 146 by the end of the year but doubt I’ll be there in October.  The other thing is that while it took me 4 months to get from 167 to 143 1/2, it took me 2 years to get from 143 1/2 to my low weight of 119 pounds!  Of course, in there I had a couple of times when I regressed and regained some of my lost weight.