Saturday Weigh In

I attended a Weight Watchers meeting this morning and weighed in for the first time in two weeks.  I lost 1.2 pounds to get to 145.4 pounds, a new low.  For me, SmartPoints seem to be helping me to stay on track:

12-19-2015 weigh inI didn’t actually have to weigh in again until January, but wanted to weigh into day for a few reasons.  I’ve now been following SmartPoints for 3 weeks, and wanted to update  on my results.  Also, this is the first time I’ve been below my goal weight of 146 pounds since got back to goal on July 31.  I’ve been within no more than 2 pounds above my goal most of the time, but just hadn’t been below goal since then.  Finally, this is my lowest official weigh in since the early 1990s.

I do credit SmartPoints with most of this.  SmartPoints hasn’t been a huge change in eating for me, but it has helped me to keep focus on what I’m eating and the lower weekly points have made a big difference.  This seems to have helped me to get off my plateau.

Just a few comparisons, from dual tracking on MyFitness Pal.  This is from last Saturday through yesterday, and is my average per day (this does include 0 point foods):

Calories – 1217
Protein – 94g
Sugar – 26g
Sat. Fat – 14g

Other macros
Carbs – 97g
Fiber – 33g
Fat – 60g
Sodium – 1833mg

Comparing SmartPoints to Points Plus for that period:

Average PointsPlus per day – 30.1

Average SmartPoints per day – 31.4

Weekly PointsPlus used – 30, so I would have 19 left

Weekly SmartPoints used – 20, so I would have 8 left

Just a couple of comments on this.  As you can see my sugar total averaged 26g per day, including both natural sugars (like those in fruit/veggies) and added sugar.  While I did have chocolate a few days this week, I just don’t eat much sugar.  My saturated fat is actually a little higher than I would prefer, but isn’t that high either.  I got those numbers from MFP, but you can get those numbers by going through your Weight Watchers tracker and adding up the sugar and saturated fat grams (unless you use Quick Add).

Because my sugar and saturated fat is low, I struggled to get to 30 SmartPoints on days I didn’t eat out.  In fact, I didn’t get there on 3 days.   On those 3 days, on Points Plus, I would have eaten 26, 28, and 25 PointsPlus.  So, I was at the minimum on PointsPlus on all but one day (and on that day I was close and had a lot of veggies).  So I don’t feel that bad about not getting to 30 every day.  Had I gotten to 30 each day and used the same number of weekly points I would have averaged 32.9 SmartPoints a day.

Also, as you can see from my macros my total carbohydrates eaten averaged 97g which is lowish carb, although not all that low.  I eat quite a bit of fiber so my net carbs per day average was 64g.  Note that I wasn’t actually trying to limit my carbs this week, it is just how it ended up working out.  I do have a specific amount of protein that I am for since I’m trying to build muscle.  If I hit that protein goal, then I tend to eat fewer carbs.  And, most of the carbs I do eat are not refined carbs.

One more thing:

After out meeting we ate out at Genghis Grill.  My entire meal was 14 SmartPoints.  We shared an order of Chicken Potstickers.  That was 5 SmartPoints for 2 1/2 potstickers.  Then, I made my bowl:

12-19-2015 GG

One reason I love Genghis Grill is that I get to put in the bowl exactly what I want to eat.  I put in my bowl today:

Chicken, 3 ounces (1 SP)

Egg (2 SP)

Dragon Salt, Garlic Powder, Ginger (0 SP)

Broccoli, Red Peppers, Asparagus (0 SP)

Brown Rice (3 SP)

Khan Pao Sauce (3 SP)

The entire bowl was 9 SmartPoints and was very filling.  I don’t usually have the Khan Pao sauce, but I wanted a change.  It was the highest sugar sauce they had.  Next time I will probably get something different.  Nonetheless I was happy with the point total.


Fitbit Charge HR Revisited

Fitbit Charge HR

Last April, I posted a First Look review of my Fitbit Charge HR, after I replaced my Fitbit One. Over 7 months, later I thought I would post a review of it at this point. Overall, I am happy with the Charge HR even though there are things about it that are not ideal.


It has held up well to daily use and still looks great. This is a photo from my post in April:

Fitbit Charge HR Wrist

This is a photo of it that I took today:

Fitbit Charge HR Wrist 11-2015

There is a button on the side of the Charge HR where you can hit the button and the display will change and show you other things such as steps, calorie burn, heart rate and distance.

If I look carefully at the display, I can see some faint marks on it, but I really have to look for them to see them. I was concerned when I bought it as to how well the band would hold up. So, far there has been no problem.

Purple is my favorite color so I love the plum color. Fitbit has expanded the number of available colors since I bought mine. It is now available in Black, Plum, Blue, Tangerine and Teal. It comes in two sizes. I bought a large since I hate wearing something that is too tight. I tighten it when I exercise so I get a better heart rate reading, but I leave it fairly loose the rest of the time. If I were to lose another 10 or 15 pounds, though, I might need to move to a small size.

That does bring up one thing that I wish the Charge HR had. My husband had a Fitbit Flex (he now has a Charge HR). The Flex doesn’t have a display like on the Charge HR and it doesn’t measure heart rate. But, with the Flex you can switch bands. There are lots of bands available from Fitbit, as well as third party bands. There is even a neck pendant you can put your Flex in. I would really love to be able to switch bands with the Charge HR, but that it is not an option.  Most of the time I like the look of the Charge HR, but when I went to a wedding wearing formal dress it wasn’t right to wear.  For that time, I used my old Fitbit One which could be put in a pocket.  Another option is that I have my phone set up as an alternate tracker so I could have used it (but I didn’t have a pocket for the phone in that instance).


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801 Days of Tracking

I noticed on MyFitnessPal yesterday that I hit 800 consecutive days of tracking (801 days today).  I am actually a little bummed out by it, as the days I missed before it were a day and a half when out of town as I recall.  I had a lot of tracked time before that.

I didn’t always eat well during the time that I tracked.  During some if it I was going up and up and I tracked but I still overate.  Nonetheless, I have no doubt that tracking had a lot to do with my losing my 61 pounds.  I even have double tracked Weight Watchers Points Plus at the Weight Watchers site.  Even when I overeat, it helps to track.  It keeps me honest.  I can go back and see exactly why I gained weight.

And, it isn’t just the total calories.  Tracking lets me look at what I eat and see patterns.  There are some restaurants that I basically never (or very rarely) eat at, because when I do I tend to not lose that week.  I eat out a fair amount and some restaurants are easy for me to eat at (Panera, Genghis Grill, Chipotle) while others are a struggle (IHOP, most Mexican food restaurants, Macaroni Grill).  For a lot of restaurants it just depends on what I eat (Chili’s, the Counter).  By keeping a record of what I eat I can see this very clearly and it helps me plan.

I track throughout the day as I eat.  So, I can look at MFP and see how much I have left at any time.  And, that isn’t just on calories.  For example, I keep track to make sure my protein is high enough.  I watch my carbs.

Tracking makes me see with open eyes what I’m doing.  When I wasn’t tracking, I did gain a lot of weight.  I tended to not think as much about what I was eating and just kidded myself as to how many calories I was eating.  But, when I was tracking and gaining weight, I knew what I was doing.  That contributed to my slowly starting to eat less so I could start losing weight.

Many people don’t like tracking.  Some find it too time consuming.  In truth, it was time consuming when I started because I didn’t have a database of foods that I had tracked so I had to look up everything from the main database.  But, over time, I usually didn’t have to do that as I would tracked the food before.  One reason I like MFP is that most foods are in the database.  I rarely have to add one (more common is that the formulation changes and I need to edit a food).  I also love the feature on the phone app where I can scan a food label to quickly record a food.

At this point, tracking everything I eat in a day takes less than 10 minutes, even if I have to add in a new food.  On many days, it takes less than 5 minutes total.  It took a bit more time at the start, but now it is truly second nature.

Weight Watchers members may wonder why I track at MFP as well as Weight Watchers.  Basically, I like both.  At MFP, I like all the data I can get as to actual calories and macronutrients.  You don’t get that with WW tracking.  On the other hand, I like the whole weekly points concept of WW where I can see at a glance whether I am on track for the week.  In MFP, I may “overeat” for the day from the MFP standpoint, but I look at WW and I know I’m OK because I still have plenty of weekly points left.

If you haven’t tried tracking, I really do recommend it.