Going Off Track

Honestly, I’ve been mostly off track for the past six weeks or so. I’ve been over on my points for several of those weeks and haven’t had a calorie deficit a lot of the time.  I’ve had a couple of good weeks, but more bad weeks than good weeks.

It is still hard to exactly gauge my true weight due to post-surgery swelling.  I am almost 3 months post tummy tuck/breast lift so that is starting to lessen, but is still present. I still see my waist line changing by 2 to 3 inches during the course of the day.  Still, I think that I am truly up about 2 or 3 pounds from my September weigh in.  I will be weighing in Saturday and currently am up almost 4 pounds from the September weigh in, but I don’t think all of that is true weight gain since my weight is still fluctuating a lot.

So, this seems like a good time to talk about going off track and how to get back on.  I do think I have caught this early and feel I am getting back on track.  So far, this has been a good week.

So, what caused me to go off track?  I think there are several factors:

Change of Routine – This is the biggest factor.  I do well when I have a routine and have good habits.  When we moved to our current home, I gained about 12 pounds in the first couple of months after moving.  At that point I had lost almost 50 pounds, so the regain was a real shock.  And, that gain put me in a downward spiral that ended up as a 35 pound weight gain.  The first step on going off track at that time was that I wasn’t following my usual routine.  We were looking at houses a couple of hours away from where we were living so we ended up eating out a lot more.  That put pressure on my caloric intake and so I got into a calorie surplus and it all spiraled down. [Read more…]

I Don’t Think About My Appearance Much Now

Since having facial plastic surgery and a mommy makeover (tummy tuck + breast list), I have found that I think about my appearance much less than I did before.  Yes, I do take more care with my appearance now when I go out.  When I would often go out with no makeup before, I now spend 5 minutes on it.  Where I used to spend 15 minutes on a special occasion getting ready to go out, I will now spend 20 minutes.  Basically, before I often felt it was no use to try to make the effort and I now I feel that it is useful.

And, I’m still in the recovery period and have some things still to be done to complete all of my plans.  I am having a small revision in November on my facial surgery (mostly fixing how my ear lobe healed and piercing my ears again and doing the final group of excisions of my cholesterol deposits).  I will addressing some things not covered by the facial surgery, such as doing a Resurfx laser treatment on my face.  And, while I am ecstatically happy with my tummy tuck, I still have a lot of swelling during the day (this should slowly abate over the next couple of months). So, yes, I still think about those things.

But, the rest of the time I don’t think about my appearance much at all.  Last night, we went out for my husband’s birthday.  Afterwards, I took a quick picture of him and he took one of me.

10-13-2016 [Read more…]

Pre-Op and Update

Didn’t really realize how long it had been since I posted since I came here to do this post.  I’ve been busy getting ready for my tummy tuck and breast lift (aka Mommy Makeover) next Wednesday.

Update on Facial Cosmetic Surgery

This part is brief because everything is going fine.  The swelling is mostly gone and I’m still really happy with the results.  When I do my body surgery next week, the surgeon is going to remove some more of my cholesterol deposits under my eyes.  Also, he is checking one place on an eyelid incision. [Read more…]

My Plastic Surgery Consultations (Part II)

See Part I for how I picked the surgeons I went to see for consultations.

My first consultation was with a surgeon that has experience with both facial surgery and Mommy Makeovers, but seems to emphasize the tummy tucks/Mommy makeovers more than the facial surgery.  Most of the reviews on Realself were from patients who either had a Mommy Makeover or a tummy tuck or breast work.  But, the facial reviews that did exist were good. And, he had a number of Before and After photos on his website for facial work and they looked good.  The photos were a little small, though, so I hoped he would have more photos in his office or would have larger copies.  Surgeons have to get permission from patients before putting them on their website or in photo books in the office. I had read that sometimes there were more photos in the office because patients would agree to that more readily.

When I went into his office the first thing that they asked me to do was to change into a robe, removing everything except my underpants.  The doctor came in and greeted me and asked me a little bit about what I was wanting to do.  I went through the stuff on my face from going from eyes to neck.

Here is a picture of me from last month.  Look especially at my eyes and the skin hanging on the sides of the eyes.

Face 4 [Read more…]

My Plastic Surgery Consultations (Part I)

Last week I went to two consultations with plastic surgeons.  I talked in my last post about my post-weight loss loose skin. My goal was to discuss two separate groups of potential surgery.  One group was what is called a Mommy Makeover, which is basically a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) coupled with any type of breast surgery.  In my case, I was interested in a breast lift (mastopexy).  The other group of procedures was related to my face.  I had lots of loose skin around my eyes and on my neck and along my jaw line.  I also have some cholesterol deposits (xanthelasma) which I wanted to have removed.

After my last post, I was surprised to see the response I received to it, particularly in private emails to me, as well as in comments.  This is a subject that a lot of people are interested in.  Some readers told me about their experiences with surgery and others were interested in hearing my experience.  Because of that interest, I decided to be very upfront as to what I am doing.  Some of this is difficult, as it hard to talk about some of these issues and even harder to show pictures to illustrate them (no pics in this post, but there will be in the next).

One of the things I have had to think about in deciding to post here is whether I wanted people to know what I am doing. Basically, I decided that it doesn’t bother me for people to know.  I think that these are issues that many people face when they lose weight and perhaps by posting I can help some others thinking about these issues.  This post will talk about how I found the surgeons I wanted to consult with and how I checked them out.  My next post will discuss what happened at the consultations. [Read more…]