Protein Stix – Best Weight Watchers Snack Ever

I mentioned the new Weight Watchers Protein Stix snacks in my post on the meeting yesterday.  But, I decided they deserve their own post.

I tried the chocolate last night (as did my husband) and thought it was great.  I then tried the peanut butter today.   And, it was just as great. I mentioned to my husband that I thought they were Weight Watchers best snack ever.  And, he suggested they deserve their own post.  I decided he was correct. [Read more…]

Kay’s Naturals Protein Snacks

I just wanted to post about some new snacks I’ve been trying as part of my quest to eat more protein.

Kays front

These are protein snacks by Kay’s Naturals.  There are pretzel sticks, cookie bites, chips and cereal.  Every one I’ve tried so far have been very good.  (No, I wasn’t compensated for this post.  And, I paid full price for the snacks at my local grocery store).

The absolute best one was the Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks.  Bear in mind, that I don’t even like pretzels usually.  These are just really good.  They are very crispy with a hint of salt.  The big thing i the cinnamon toast flavor.  I also tried some of the chips (BBQ) and the cookie bites (Cinnamon Almond) and they were also good.  One thing I noticed in all of them is that the flavor is really prominent.  I don’t like to eat something that is, say, cinnamon flavor and you can barely taste it.  These aren’t like that.

For me, trying to get about 100g to 120g of protein a day, it is really important to find good sources of protein that aren’t too many calories.  Most of these bags are 120 to 125 calories with 12g of protein.  That is a lot of protein for a snack.

To give some more details, the protein is in the form of soy protein isolate.  These are all gluten-free.  While these are a processed food, of course, I find it acceptable given the amount of protein and that I recognize everything on the label.

Kays back

Yes, there are a lot of ingredients, but I felt OK about these.  The net carbs (carbs minus fiber) is 11 and there are 3g of sugar in the snack pictured.  Of course, I think that eating a plain chicken breast is “better” than a processed snack.  But, there is only so much chicken or fish, for example, that I want to eat in a day.  These make a tasty snack to have sometimes and have the benefit of the high protein.  In fact, I would like these even without the protein, but the protein makes it really worthwhile for me.