When You Regain Weight

The other day I posted about my January weigh in and how I had gained 3.8 pounds since my December weigh in.  In fact, at the worst I had been up 8.1 pounds from December to January.  I had lost part of it by the time I weighed in, but a gain of 3.8 pounds was a lot for such a short period.

Anyhoo, I shared the blog post on my Facebook page for this blog.  One of my long time readers basically asked me why I did all the work to lose weight in order to put some weight back on.  Particularly given the surgery that I did.

Well, that is certainly a reasonable question to ask.  Why did I regain when I had worked so hard to lose weight and then had plastic surgery to get rid of loose skin and to improve my body contour.  I had gone through a lot to get where I am.  Why regain?

And, yes, of course there are reasons.  I didn’t just wake up in December and think that I wanted to gain almost 4 pounds (or 8 pounds for that matter).  Weight gain doesn’t usually just come out of nowhere.  I can certainly give reasons.  From mid-December to mid-January was a bad month.  The holiday and pre-holiday eating got out of control when I had a house guest.  Then we went out of town for several days in a situation where we weren’t going to be walking much to offset the eating out for all meals.  And, when we got back home things were non-routine.  First, I didn’t feel good for several days.  And, then the weather was awful and cold and we were mostly at home.  Then, my husband didn’t feel good.  So, we didn’t go to the Y and I wasn’t very active.  So, that all just piled on…and so did the pounds. [Read more…]