Why I Sometimes Eat Less Than 30 SmartPoints

Today is a good example of why I sometimes eat less than 30 SmartPoints.  There are days that I have no difficulty eating 30 SmartPoints.  In fact, I often exceed 30 SmartPoints by a lot.  Yesterday, I used a boatload of SmartPoints.  But, today?  I’ve struggled to get to 28 SmartPoints.


So, let’s look at this. I slept late and didn’t have breakfast as we were going out to lunch. I just went straight to lunch. We had lunch at Genghis Grill. Honestly, I could eat at Genghis Grill everyday without breaking 500 calories. This meal was 9 SmartPoints (just over 400 calories). [Read more…]

SmartPoints – Good or Bad?

It is almost a year since SmartPoints and the entire Beyond the Scale Program debuted.  This is a good time to ask:  Good or Bad?  It is time to assess the new program (well, not so new now).

When the new Beyond the Scale program started I was favorably disposed to it. I liked that SmartPoints discouraged eating sugar.  Lots of people liked the changes. Others hated them.  In fact, during this year one of my post popular posts which has gotten a lot of search traffic is What To Do If You Hate SmartPoints.

During the past year the SmartPoints part of the program has stayed the same, but there were some changes to how FitPoints were used.  Initially, Weight Watchers discouraged swapping FitPoints for food.  You could do it, but the powers that be didn’t really want you to do it.  Then, a few months in they changed to a more neutral position on swapping FitPoints.  They also instituted a baseline before you could swap FitPoints for food.  Basically you were supposed to earn about 3 FitPoints (roughly 3000 steps) in a day before you could swap additional FitPoints for food.

So, 11 months into the new Weight Watchers program – is it good or bad? [Read more…]

Day to Start the Weight Watchers Week

I just went in and changed my Weight Watchers week to start on Monday rather than Saturday.

Weigh In Date

I also did the same thing on MyFitnessPal.  And, I set Fitbit to start on Monday, instead of Sunday (those are the only two options Fitbit gives you).  The choice of which day to start with for all of these services may seem like a choice that doesn’t matter.  But, I think it can be very important both from the mental aspect and for planning.  This change for me is a major change for me since I weigh in on Saturdays.  Before, my weigh in day aligned with the start of my week.  Now, it doesn’t.

I would guess that most Weight Watchers members start their week on their weigh in day, although I have have known members who start on other days.  For example, I have seen a number of members who start their week on the day after their weigh in.  But, for most of the time I’ve been a Weight Watchers members I’ve started my week on the day that I weighed in.  I do have some vague recollection that at one time in the last millennium I started my week on Saturday when I weighed in mid-week.

Since I went back to Weight Watchers several years ago, though, my weigh in day has been on either Friday or Saturday and I have started my week on the same day (with occasional forays to try other options).  I had a few reasons that I aligned the start of my week with my weigh in day.  First, it seemed to emotionally makes sense.  Weighing in could be seen as something that happens after the end of the week to show the result of what I did for that week.  So, if my week ended on Friday, then I would weigh in on Saturday morning and begin anew.  The lining up of ending my week and then weighing in the next day made sense.

It also made sense from a practical standpoint.  By ending my week on Friday, I would weigh in Saturday morning and then have all of my daily and weekly points available.  Like many people, I tended to eat out on the weekend and I liked having all my points available to do that.  I could eat out and use a lot of my weekly points on the weekend and then I went through the week days knowing exactly how many points I had left.  That helped me plan. [Read more…]

Do I Have to Eat All My Daily SmartPoints?

This is the third of a series of posts about points, including whether to eat Weekly SmartPoints and whether to eat FitPoints. While not officially part of the series, I also suggest looking at my recent post about swapping FitPoints and how that is affected by the new baseline.

Some members find that they quickly run out of Daily SmartPoints.  The first two posts in this series basically deal with that situation and discuss eating Weekly SmartPoints and swapping FitPoints for food.

This post deals with the opposite problem — members who find it difficult to reach their Daily SmartPoints Target.  So, is it OK to just not meet the daily Target or must we eat the minimum?  I would say that…it depends.  First, note that members have a wide range of Daily SmartPoints Targets.  The minimum Daily SmartPoints Target is 30 SmartPoints.  But, it can be much more.  Men tend to be larger than women and are usually more muscular and burn more calories.  So, it is more common that men get a higher daily Target.  Those who have lots to lose will also have a higher daily Target.

At times, I personally have struggled to get to my 30 Daily SmartPoints.  Here is an example:

Low SP Day

On the day above, I ate 28 SmartPoints.  Note that I don’t always record zero point foods on Weight Watchers.  I have some listed as part of my salad since I have that saved as a meal.  But, if I had a snack of berries I wouldn’t record that on Weight Watchers. [Read more…]

February Weigh In

I did my official February weigh in this week.  I was up 1 pound to 144.6 pounds.  I am still 1.4 pounds below my goal weight and, frankly, when I weighed in at 143.6 pounds I thought that was low and not all of it was “real” weight loss and thought I might go up.  And, being even more frank, my eating was far less than stellar the last two weeks. Anyway, given how poorly I ate the last two weeks, I am totally happy with this month’s weigh in.

I ate all of my SmartPoints – daily, weekly and FitPoints – and ended in the negative. I was -12 SmartPoints this week and, well, -43 SmartPoints the week before.  So, the fact I went up only 1 pound is amazing to me, particularly when I had just reached a new low weight that I didn’t think was really solid.  Week before last my excuse was going 43 SmartPoints into the hole was that I ate out a lot.  This past week my excuse was…umm…I overate.  Note I realize that the eating out the week I went -43 SmartPoints was just an excuse.  I am perfectly capable of eating out and not going past my SmartPoints.

In fact, today, I went out to lunch after my meeting and went to The Counter.  I had a chicken burger in a bowl.  The entire meal was 525 calories, but due to all the protein, it was only 12 SmartPoints.  I was careful because this is a week when I will be eating out more than usual but I want to do better this week.  My goal is to stay within my SmartPoints.  I’m OK with eating a few of my FitPoints, but not all of them.