Great Week With Changing My Start Day

I posted earlier about changing the start of my week to Monday even though I weigh in on Saturdays.  I wanted to report back that it ended up working out really well.  I am swapping FitPoints before Weekly SmartPoints with a goal to not eat my Weekly SmartPoints most weeks, but feeling free to eat my FitPoints that are above my baseline.

I ended the week with all of my Weekly SmartPoints and 1 FitPoint left that I could have swapped. I earned 48 FitPoints, of which 28 could be swapped for food.  I ate 27 of my FitPoints.  In a way, of course, that is the same as simply eating 27 of my 28 Weekly SmartPoints and none of my FitPoints.

But, I see it differently.  To eat those 27 FitPoints I had to earn enough FitPoints over my baseline that would allow me to swap FitPoints for food.  For me, the first 3 FitPoints I earn are my baseline and can’t be swapped for food.  There is no doubt that I was more diligent about earning FitPoints knowing I was swapping them first.   [Read more…]

Should I Eat My Weekly SmartPoints?

This is the first of three posts about how many SmartPoints to eat.  This post will mostly discuss Weekly SmartPoints, the next will be about FitPoints, and the third will be about those who find it hard to reach their minimum Daily SmartPoints.

Ever since Weight Watchers went to a points system, I have seen and heard Weight Watchers members who said they only ate their daily points.  They didn’t eat weekly points at all (or activity points when those were available).  And, if they did somehow eat some of their weekly points during the week, they seemed to feel that they had “gone over” on their points and had somehow done something that they shouldn’t do.

Almost two years ago, I made this post where I pointed out that daily points are the minimum that Weight Watchers want you to eat daily.  They decidedly are not the maximum points that we should eat.

But, that was then.  And, now Weight Watchers has a new Beyond the Scale program, and members are eating SmartPoints not PointsPlus.  Does what I said about PointsPlus and weekly points still apply?  At that time, I discussed in my post why I always did eat some of my weekly points.  In fact, there were times I ate every last one of them.

I had three basic points that I made in that post.  And, I think that those three points still apply.  However, because of how SmartPoints distributes points, I think it is easier now to eat Daily Points only on some days, while reserving Weekly Points to only limited days during the week. [Read more…]