August Weigh In

I weighed in for August and was down 1.2 pounds to 149.4 pounds.  I still had to pay, but things are moving in the right direction.  It was still frustrating since I know that some of this is still swelling/water retention related to my surgery in May.  The surgeon said that could persist for 3 to 4 months and I am only 2 1/2 months post-surgery.

On the good news front, I have just had 3 really good weeks in terms of eating and calorie deficit.  This is only the second time this year that I’ve had 3 consecutive great weeks.  For most of this year, my eating has been really inconsistent.  From February 4th to March 31st, I had only one good week.  Every other week, I had a calorie surplus which is why I was up 5.4 pounds at my March weigh in and then another 1.4 pounds in April which put me over my goal weight enough that I had to pay then.

I did lose enough in May that I didn’t have to pay and since then I’ve seemed to alternate one good week with a bad week.  But, in late June and early July, my eating was not stellar.  I think that part of it was I was so frustrated with the surgery related swelling and water retention that it was easy to get off track on eating.

Anyway, the last 3 weeks I’ve done well.  I’ve increased the activity a bit (not where I want to be) and overall in July had my best month this year for calorie burn.  So, even though I am still over goal and had one really bad week in early July, I’m feeling OK about where I am now.  I will keep doing what I am doing on eating and will continue to increase activity.  I’m not sure when I’ll be back in free lifetime range.  It could be next week or next month.  The swelling seems to come and go and I can’t always attribute it to anything.  That can definitely mess with the head.  On the one hand, I don’t want to assume weight gain (or lack of loss) is attributable to swelling if it is really attributable to bad eating choices.  At the same time, there are days that I’ve eaten well for several days and then I suddenly gain 2 pounds and 2 inches in my waist overnight and I know that is swelling and water retention and isn’t a real gain.

I recognize I just have to take it as it comes and just pay my $15 every week until I get back to where I should be.  And, if I continue to eat well, I will get there.


July Weigh In

I weighed in today and was unsurprised to weigh in at 150.6 pounds, up 3.8 pounds from last month.  As I posted, this is primarily related to post-liposuction swelling made super worse because of me being sick for a week and a half.  I saw my doctor a couple of days ago and he assured me that most of this is swelling, not fat.  I am actually down 3 pounds from where I was at the start of the week.  At one point I was up 7 pounds!

I did overeat while I was sick.  And, that on top of inactivity didn’t help.  From looking at Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, the true weight gain from that should be about 1.5 pounds.  That may be off a bit, but I think not by a whole lot.  Overall, I had a reasonably good week eating this week.  I was a bit more active and even used the treadmill.  I had a small calorie deficit for the week. [Read more…]

June Weigh In

I weighed in for June today at 146.8 pounds, down .8 pounds since May.  I have finally lost most of the fluid retention from surgery. After surgery in May I was up over 10 pounds from my May weigh in!  I was really happy about this weigh in for a couple of reasons.

First, June is the 2 year anniversary of me getting back to free lifetime.  I certainly am glad to be there now.  I am still up several pounds from my low weight last August.  My next goal is to get back to where I was then.  Still, I am finally going in the right direction.

Second, I’ve been able to put together 2 really good weeks.  A big part of why I haven’t made a lot of progress the past few months is that I wasn’t putting together good weeks.  Earlier in the year, I had a couple of bad months (February and March) where I ended up not having a calorie deficit and basically gained almost 5 and a half pounds.  Since then, I struggled to lose that weight because I wasn’t consistently doing well.  I would have a great week and then a bad week.  So, putting together good weeks and staying consistent was important to me.  For 3 of the last 4 weeks, I have had a good week and per Fitbit, I had a calorie deficit.  Even for the week where I didn’t have a deficit I was really close to being even for that week. [Read more…]

May Weigh In

I weighed in for May today.  I was down .8 pounds to 147.6 pounds. That puts me back in free lifetime range for Weight Watchers (not more than 2 pounds above my goal weight of 146).  I was very unhappy with my April weigh in which was my only one above 148 pounds since I got back to free lifetime status in June of 2015.

I had a really good week this past week.  I particularly wanted to do well and weigh in this week since I know I will have some temporary weight gain after my revision surgery due to the upper abdominal liposuction being done.  I am not sure how long that will last.  It lasted 2 weeks with the tummy tuck.  I would expect it to be shorter for this, but I probably won’t be ready to weigh in the first Saturday after surgery.

I do feel I am back on track eating. During the time I was off track, I did track consistently.  But, I was going over on both calories and points.  There were always reasons…but they mostly weren’t particularly good reasons.   But, it became easier and easier to just go over and say I would get on track at the next meal, or the next day, or even the next week.  It was a real reminder to me as to how easy it can be to get out of one developed good habit and go back to an old not so good routine.

Maybe I needed that reminder.  Maybe I needed to remember what it was like to not keep careful control over what I eat.  Maybe over the last couple of years I started to get a little over confident.  I mean on the outside I said the right things.  But, I think on the inside I got a little over confident and thought I wouldn’t really gain weight again.  This has reminded me that I can get off track and gain weight if I don’t follow good habits.

April Weigh In

Well, my April weigh in wasn’t pretty.  I was up 1.4 pounds to 148.4 pounds. And, that was a really significant gain as it put me more than 2 pounds above my goal weight which meant that I had to pay at Weight Watchers this month.  This is the first time this happened since I got back to goal in the summer of 2015. The absolute most important thing, though, is that I went to the meeting knowing that I was going to weigh in enough above goal that I would have to pay.  But, I went anyway.

What happened?  When I weighed in for March — 7 weeks ago — I had just had a good week after 4 horrendous weeks.  I was up 5.4 pounds.  That was basically just flat out overeating.  I tracked, but that was about all that I did that was good.

But, I had that good week before I weighed in on March 11.  I diagnosed what I was doing wrong and knew what I needed to do to get back on track. And…then I had 3 bad weeks.  It is fairly easy in retrospect to see what happened.  One of the problems during February was that I had bought bags of popcorn with drizzled chocolate on them.  And, I was overeating them.  After I weighed in on March 11, I still had a couple of bags left.  I just wanted them gone and resolved not to buy again.  The problem is that I then…ate the bags over 2 days.  That added a lot of calories to the start of that week.  That would have been OK, but my mother came to visit us to celebrate her 93rd birthday.  As a result, later that week we went on eat to celebrate her birthday and those calories added on resulted in that not being a great week. [Read more…]