November Weigh In

I had my November weigh in yesterday and was up .4 pounds to 143.2 pounds from what it was a week earlier when I did my October weigh in.  I was a little irritated by it, to be honest, since I had a good week and felt I should have lost.  I mentioned to the leader (who was weighing me) before I stepped onto the scale that I expected a gain and wasn’t happy since I had eaten well.  She asked me how I deal with that.

I said that the main thing that helped me was that I weigh almost every day so I see the daily fluctuations and realize sometimes those kind of fluctuations happen.   If I didn’t weigh daily, I would be much more shocked to have a good week and then have a gain.  Weighing almost every day, I see how the fluctuations can occur even if my eating is fine and look at the big picture more than anything else.

So, I was OK with the weigh in.  I do very much want to have a good loss at my December weigh in.  By then, I am hoping that most of the remaining come and go swelling from surgery will be gone.  And, I hope to continue to build on the past couple of relatively good weeks.

I will say that while the last two weeks were fine — I had a calorie deficit, they weren’t perfect.  I still am not back to the activity level I want to be at.  And, as I mentioned in my post yesterday my average daily calories is higher than it was a couple of years ago.  I am doing better now than I was earlier in the year, but I could be doing better.  Those are things to work on during the remainder of this month.

Explain This Weigh In Page! (And FitPoints Again)

Can anyone give any rational explanation for the layout on this weigh in page?  This is the Weight Watchers weigh in page as seen on my browser.  I am sure regular readers here know that I am a big fan of Weight Watchers.  I think it is a good program and I’ve been very successful on it.  But, I am actually dumbfounded that the layout on this page hasn’t been improved during this year.

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More Post Mommy Makeover Update

OK, a few more update things.  First, I weighed this morning and was at 139.5 pounds on my home scale.  That is the first time I’ve been under 140 since about 1991.

Today I had a follow up appointment with the doctor.  It is now 4 weeks (and 1 day) post-surgery.  There were a couple of interesting things.  I got a copy of the page from my record showing exactly how much was removed during my surgery.

The tummy tuck itself removed 3 pounds.  The liposuction removed 2.9 pounds.  I had .06 pounds removed from one breast and .22 from the other (this difference was due to wanting to even out the two sides).  So, the total is 6.18 pounds.

One interesting thing was this record showed my pre op weight (taken at the hospital was 146 pounds.  I weighed at home the morning of surgery I was at 147 pounds on my home scale.  I’ve long felt that scale was weighing me about a pound heavier than I really am, so this was confirmation of that. [Read more…]

Update – Surgery and Weight

Just an update.  Saturday I weighed at home (so no clothes, unlike at Weight Watchers) and I was at 140 pounds.  I was really happy about this as for the first time I was about half a pound under my new baseline (pre-surgery weight less what was removed).  That is mostly because I just haven’t been very hungry since I had surgery.  I tend to have 3 small meals and a snack and that is it.  I’ve eaten takeout a few times and have started to go out some but I’m still not eating as much as before.  I’m sure that will change with time but right now I’m glad since I’m not very active.

Here is a photo that give an idea of where my tummy is at after 3 weeks.

3 weeks photo

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